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Student Center inspection scores low

The Peoria City/County Health Department recently released health inspections from December, and the Michel Student Center scored poorly. The inspection, which is based out of 100, revealed that the Student Center scored a 77. Points between one and five are subtracted from the total score for violations during the inspection, with the worst violations meriting […]

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Bradley welcomes first mascot since 2000

  With the help of fireworks, smoke and a Bradley Braves win, Kaboom! the gargoyle mascot debuted at the men’s basketball game Saturday night.   Kaboom! the gargoyle is the first mascot the university has had since 2000, when the Bobcat was eliminated.   According to Kabooms!’s background on the Bradley website, he chose to […]

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More than a mascot

The new mascot has a lot of his- tory to live up to, and it’s not going to be easy. Bradley’s gargoyle mascot will be revealed during the Feb. 22 men’s basketball game. As the uni- versity gears up to advertise the gargoyle, I decided to fulfill my obligation as a history nerd and dig […]

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SHOW US THE MONEY: Bradley salaries in 2011

University President Joanne Glasser’s base salary jumped nearly 12 percent during the 2011-2012 academic year, making her the eighth highest paid private university president in Illinois. This is the most recent data available from the federal Form 990s that universities and other not-for-profits must file annually with the Internal Revenue Service. The data is posted […]

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ACBU disappoints again

The Activities Council of Bradley University (ACBU) announced Wednesday the spring concert performer cancelled, leaving the council just weeks to find a replacement. We don’t know about you, but doesn’t this sound a little too familiar? ACBU set the trend in recent years of setting Bradley students’ hopes up high, but it all seems to […]

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Sochi unrest poses safety questions

For the six Olympic interns heading to Sochi, Russia, the National Broadcast Company (NBC) and Bradley have taken measures to ensure their safety while overseas. December suicide bomber attacks in Volgograd, rumors of security threats and a global manhunt for “black widow” terrorists have led up to this year’s Winter Games, sparking some uneasiness in […]

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Bradley Strong

When tornadoes rocked areas surrounding Peoria Nov. 17, the Bradley community reacted quickly to help out. One freshman class is still finding ways to support each other, even after the smoke has cleared. Communications Professor Jan Frazier said students in her linked speech and English class are passionate to give, especially since one student saw […]

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Bradley remembers Julia Janes

Even though Julia Janes never officially began student teaching, her cousin Lexie Brasen said Janes educated her family, friends and the Bradley community tremendously. “She just taught us so much about being a fighter, about never losing hope and being optimistic in the face of the worst possible thing imaginable,” Brasen said. Janes, a sophomore-standing […]

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Public to Name Mascot

Students now have the opportunity to be a part of history by choosing a name for the new mascot. In October, the university announced that a gargoyle was selected as the university mascot. Students, faculty, staff and alumni participated in two years of surveys and focus groups before the mascot was selected by the Athletic […]

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