BU ups ID security in Markin

BUPD updated security measures in Markin Recreation Center, allowing welcome desk workers to verify student identities based on their ID card photos.

BUPD updated security measures in Markin Recreation Center, allowing welcome desk workers to verify student identities based on their ID card photos.

The Markin Recreation Center has implemented new security measures this year with its ID scanners.

Each time students swipe Bradley IDs to gain access to Markin facilities, their pictures appear on the welcome desk computer screens.

Bradley University Police Department Chief Brian Joschko said if the entering guest does not match the picture on the screen, desk operators are instructed to call the police.

“We do not want students confronting people who have committed a crime,” Joschko said.

According to Joschko, Markin is a “state-of-the-art facility,” and it is to be expected that people other than Bradley students want to use it.

There have been nine incidents in October where a non-student tried to use a university ID card to obtain entrance into the center.

One of the people was banned from all Bradley properties and three were banned from Markin this month. But Joschko said people are banned from university property only if they have committed a crime and have no reason for being on campus.

“Usually it involves one student using another student’s ID,” Joschko said. “In that case, we take the ID and give it back to the student whose ID it is.”

Front desk operators will turn away all students who say they forgot their IDs.

If visiting siblings or community members want to use the center, they may purchase a $5 guest pass at the front desk.

“As far as [non-students], using another person’s ID to access a closed or private facility rather than paying the guest fee would constitute criminal trespass and theft of services, both of which are misdemeanor crimes,” Joschko said.

With the high number of student access violations occurring, Joschko said the university’s administration is reviewing various enforcement options for access entry to Markin.

“I believe that once students fully understand the consequences, fewer incidents will occur,” Joschko said.

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