Invigorate your Peoria experience

When Bradley students talk about the city they live in for at least four years, the tone of the conversation is often negative. But that’s because many students don’t take advantage of all Peoria has to offer.

Student Senate and the Smith Career Center are pushing Bradley students to pop the “Bradley Bubble” and start using Peoria’s public transportation more this spring (Read “Snapchat contest links students to downtown” on A3).

With an engaging Snapchat contest called “BU on the Bus,” the organizations are pairing up to get students in the habit of utilizing CityLink buses in order to explore Peoria and experience the city beyond the Hilltop.

This isn’t the first time Senate and other Bradley groups have tried to get students to explore more of Peoria. The Downtown Advisory Commission sent surveys to students last semester to find out about their habits and opinions on the downtown area.

“The survey revealed that the students aren’t very sure what’s available downtown or how to get there,” Alison Daley, a member of the commission, said in a Sep. 23 Scout article.

With its outdoor art exhibits, riverside view and coffee shops around every corner, Peoria offers something a suburb or rural town can’t. The city gives students a chance to experience its unique culture, but if you’re a student who isn’t native to the area, it’s only available for a short amount of time.

Even The Scout tries to get students off campus – every week we publish a new “Local Business Feature” to spotlight restaurants, shops and attractions in Peoria, and we run advertisements from a number of surrounding businesses.

The memories a student makes in college will last forever, and exploring Peoria will contribute to the experiences every student has. Be sure to make those four short years at Bradley count.

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