Editorial: Semester winners and losers

As a semester wrap-up, The Scout took a look at some of the good, the bad and the ugly of Fall 2016. Check out the verdict here.


  • Thumbs up to BUPD
    • The Bradley University Police Department impressed us time and time again this semester. The department created several outreach programs, and officers have proven to be personable, charitable and readily available for students. Campus safety has been an issue discussed across many American universities as of late, and BUPD ensures students feel protected and comfortable.
  • Thumbs up to Tom Coy
    • Tom Coy, director of Student Activities, took on a lot of responsibilities this semester, making him one of the busiest administrators on the Hilltop. But he always has time for students, and he’s always ready to handle any situation with a sense of humor. When the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life position became vacant and needed to be filled, Coy stepped up to the plate and made sure no student or organization was left in the dust until Kathleen Prout was hired this semester.
  • Thumbs up to Darren Gauson
    • In his second year on the Hilltop, Bradley cross country head coach Darren Gauson made Bradley cross country a regional powerhouse. Both the men’s and women’s teams had successful seasons under Gauson’s leadership, leading both teams to an NCAA regional berth. This season also saw the Bradley men win the Missouri Valley Conference by a massive margin while junior Michael Ward was the first Bradley student ever to run in the NCAA national championship meet.
  • Thumbs up to the new art installations in Bradley Hall and across campus
    • Over the summer, Bradley Hall was quietly filled with a number of new art installations – from faculty photography projects, to student paintings to portraits by Donna Carr Roberts, President Gary Roberts’ wife and Bradley’s artist-in-residence. These pieces help showcase the amazing talents of the Bradley community and give new life to the formerly barren walls of Bradley Hall’s interior.
  • Thumbs down to Health Center
    • College is stressful, and there is no problem too big or too small to tackle with the help of professionals. The counseling center currently has five counselors and a psychiatrist, but frankly, that staff is not large enough for the needs of the student body. The center is over-booked, and students have complained the staff has no openings until January. The university needs to make this resource a priority. If a student needs professional help, they should not have to wait months for an appointment.
  • Thumbs down to Smoke-Free Campus proposal
    • Student Senate passed a Smoke-Free Campus Referendum in April 2015 under the leadership of former Student Body President Sarah Handler (‘16), but the way the initiative is progressing is unethical. Students answered “Yes” or “No” to the referendum without knowing any concrete details of the plan. Furthermore, last year’s graduating seniors were included in the vote, while this year’s freshman class has yet to be involved in the act. Student Body President Jenna Dellaria said she hopes to have a plan in place next semester, but since this initiative is supposed to be for the benefit of students, there should be more communication about what the plan will look like.

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