University response to security risks appropriate

Last week, The Scout published a story regarding the security of Bradley’s QuickCard ID system. Within the article, an anonymous source was quoted providing insight into the security risks of QuickCard IDs.

In the following days, the anonymous source sent out a mass email to multiple student leaders and campus officials. The email provided detailed instructions on how to breach QuickCard security.

The Scout was unaware this individual would send out such information, and we do not condone the publication of the detailed instructions this individual released. This anonymous individual has caused more of a security risk by spreading these specific instructions than their original intention of helping Bradley.

To our relief, the University reacted responsibly and swiftly in response.

On Wednesday, shortly after the email was sent out from the anonymous email address, University Communications sent out a school-wide email to the Bradley community providing an explanation of their plans to improve QuickCard security on campus.

“This change is being made as a safety precaution,” the email said. “There have been no reports of fraudulent BU ID QuickCard activity … Bradley was already planning a summer upgrade for these access systems but has decided to move ahead immediately.”

The email also stated that as of Thursday, swipe access would no longer be functional at residence halls, dining halls and St. James Complex, as it is not as secure as the tap function. Additional updates will be made across campus in the coming months.

As a campus newspaper, The Scout’s mission is to act as “campus watchdogs.” So when the university released information on the steps they would be taking, we felt nothing but supportive. All students should always encourage improved campus security.
Student safety is essential and something students should expect from Bradley with the highest standards. We look forward to seeing how campus will implement and practice further security enhancements.

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