Humans of West Main

Every person has a story. Photographer Brandon Stanton knows this fact all too well. While his name may not sound familiar to the average person, his work might. Stanton’s photo project “Humans of New York” has gained national attention over the past four years after he set out to snap pictures of 10,000 natives of the state. These photos, paired with quotes from the subjects in them, have been published in his book, which has become a New York Times best seller. This idea of […]

OITNB is the New Black

Generally, I’m not one to jump on any television show bandwagon. Waiting a week (or sometimes more) for a show’s newest episode is not something that I like to do, seeing as I am terribly impatient and appreciate some instant gratification. I never thought I’d be interested in a show that is not already cancelled, but somehow Netflix reeled me in. If you haven’t  heard about this show already, you need to get out from under your rock and find, borrow or hijack an account […]

The Finals Frontier

If there’s one word in the English language that I hate more than “moist”, it would have to be “finals.” If there’s a word that I hate more than “finals,” it’d be “studying.” So goes the life of a college student. However, I’ve learned many things during my time within the higher education system, such as various ways to make studying slightly less… terrible. For starters, avoid all social media. Secondly, if you’re going to listen to music, be sure to listen the right kind. […]

Albums and Academics: Essential Albums For Studying

Finals week is right around the corner and stress levels are high. There is a ton of work to be done and no time to do it. You’ve got three tests, two projects due, a presentation next week and only enough money for a grande iced macchiato (sorry venti). Luckily for you, there will always be some awesome music to help you through these stressful times. Check out these albums to get you through finals week. The Beach Boys : Pet Sounds “Wouldn’t it be […]

Timeflies: After Hours

Good music is like a good slice of chocolate cake; it melts into your taste buds with every bite, forcing you to wonder how many times you can ingest it without growing tired of it or feeling guilty. Unfortunately, Timeflies’ sophomore-but-somehow-debut album makes me feel guilty. Timeflies is clearly following the popular trend set by Avicii , David Guetta and Calvin Harris since 2011. But where these producers got it right, Timeflies got it wrong. The key components that made Avicii’s “Hey Brother” and David […]

Music Marketing: Daggering Your Way to the Top

Watch, attend, or simply listen to a Chicago Blackhawks game and you’ll indubitably hear a mass of people chanting “da da da, da da da, da da da da da da da.” With Bradley University being as close to Chicago as it is, I have no doubt that you probably know exactly what I’m talking about and maybe even sang that to yourself just now. When the Blackhawks score a goal, they’re not the only ones scoring. Those iconic “da’s” are the chorus to the […]

Lamaotagne’s Big Return

The transcendent folk singer/songwriter Ray LaMontagne is set to release his 5th studio album, “Supernova,” on May 6. LaMontagne isn’t your average artist. In fact, before entering the music industry, he lived much of his life in poverty. He was discovered for his hidden musical talent while working in a shoe factory. It’s been 10 years since the release of his debut album “Trouble,” the title track of which many might recognize from the 2009 Travellers Insurance dog commercial. If you look it up, I […]

Game of thrones: Gone too far?

Three short years after it first debuted on HBO, “Game of Thrones” has become one of the most popular – and controversial – shows ruling the kingdom of premium television. I honestly can’t remember a recent Sunday evening that hasn’t been overrun with various conversations about the events of the latest episode, and constant speculations of how the actions of the characters involved are going to affect the series from this point on. As expected, the show has once again made headlines for shocking many […]

Wish I was here

If you didn’t completely dig Zach Braff’s directorial debut “Garden State,” you are one of two kinds of people: 1.  The kind of person who is wrong frequently. 2. The kind of person who missed out on an opportunity to see it. Well, make no mistake now, because Zach Braff is back, and he used your money to get there. OK, maybe not your money specifically, but he did get funding from fans across the country after turning to Kickstarter last year for financial aid […]

Go Far Go Biking

With Main Street currently out of order, it seems as though Peoria is becoming less and less friendly toward any mode of transportation that’s not walking. Driving around campus can be a bit difficult now that traffic is being directed through the residential streets, but burning gas doesn’t have to be the only means of transportation. Surprisingly, Peoria is a rather large hub for biking, which may seem a little backwards seeing as there are only so many bike lanes and trails around the city. […]