After more than 20 years as the host of “The Late Show,” David Letterman will give up his late night throne and pass the proverbial torch to none other than millennial icon Stephen Colbert. It was announced April 10 that Colbert would become the new host of “The Late Show” in lieu of David Letterman’s retirement. Colbert, who is widely popular among the millennial demographic, could be just the change “The Late Show” needs. “The Late Show” often has the lowest rating of all the […]

Outkast at Coachella

I was in the 5th grade when I heard OutKast for the first time. Their album “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” had come out earlier that school year, and it was hands down one of the coolest things I had ever heard in my life. From the funky fresh sounds of “The Way You Move” to the eclectic energy of “Hey Ya!”, the ambitious album – or albums, rather – remains one of my favorite musical experiences to this day. Fast forward to the present: eight years […]


April 21-25: Derby Days Sigma Chi fraternity will be hosting its Derby Days philanthropy event. Events for the week will include a speaker from the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, mural painting and a burger cookout, the derby darling pageant and a serenade from members of each sorority on campus. April 24: 4th Annual Underground Hip Hop Expo Students United for Change, Brave Sounds Entertainment and the Association of Residence Halls are bringing some of hip-hop’s best underground acts to Renaissance Coliseum at 7 p.m. April […]

The New Hunt For New Music

It was Shakespeare who penned the quote, “If music be the food of love, play on.” But what happens when the food of love turns into a buffet? A few months back, I wrote an article that mentioned the way Spotify was an innovation for music lovers. While I still agree that it’s a convenient way to have an array of music at your fingertips, I don’t necessarily agree with my previous sentiment of Spotify’s greatness with finding new music. It is my deepest regret […]

Heartbleed Virus

Virus. Cryptographic software. Eavesdropping. These are the types of words that you would associate with films about spies and elaborate bank heists, not the kind that you hear in everyday conversation. Why is it then that these words are suddenly the most talked about in America? The answer boils down to one chillingly ambiguous word: Heartbleed. Heartbleed is a “bug” that was recently discovered in the cryptographic software known as OpenSSL. Now, unless you are a computer science major, it is unlikely you have heard […]

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Voice reminds you that these bands still exist

Hey there, Delilah. What’s it like under the radar? That could be a legitimate line from one of the Plain White T’s most famous songs due to the fact that the group has been so out of the spotlight for the past few years. Let’s do a little recap, shall we? The group formed in 1997 and consisted of members Tom Higgenson, Dave Tirio and Ken Fletcher, and later added Steve Mast. Chicago suburb kids can take pride in the fact that the band started […]

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Voice reminds you that these bands still exist

Disappointment has in fact set in, and I’ve decided it’s time to accept what we’re getting. Although I can’t change that The Fray is headlining my last semester at Bradley, I can come to terms with how hard I plan to rock out when the teenager in me sings alongside this outdated band as “How to Save a Life” blares through the Coliseum. It’s possible that this show will be a giant blast. What I do hope is that the band shies away from their […]

Spoilers Ahead Farewell to HIMYM

It’s finally coming to an end, and I couldn’t be more relieved. After nine seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” we are finally going to get closure on, dare I say it, an overly drawn-out series on March 31. Let me clarify, I loved “How I Met Your Mother” in its prime. The show is worth a solid, consistent watch from season one to season seven, but in the last two seasons it’s lacked the overall sparkle that kept us tuning in for years. […]

Grand Budapest Strikes Gold

Wes Anderson isn’t your typical film director. The “Moonrise Kingdom” director is back with his next masterpiece “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. If you are unfamiliar with Anderson’s style, be ready for a fantastic adventure; his focus is on seemingly real life story telling with a touch of fairytale comedy. The dialogue is hilariously dry and his camera style is absolutely stunning. Anderson has created classics like “Rushmore”, “The Royal Tenebaums” and “The Darjeeling Limited”. Did I mention that Bill Murray makes an appearance in almost […]

AMBITIOUS BEGINNINGS: Cloud Nothings Big Release

“I can’t feel your pain and I feel alright about it” sings Dylan Baldi on the chorus of “Now Here In”, the opening track of Cloud Nothing’s third LP “Here and Nowhere Else.” Opening with an isolated, satisfyingly distorted guitar riff followed by driving drums, steady bass and Baldi’s unmistakable vocals, “Now Here In” is a fantastic first track that leaves the listener anxiously awaiting what sort of satisfying sonic discord is yet to come. Dylan Baldi has come a long way from recording tunes […]