Back in the Game

This week’s premiere of season six of “Game of Thrones” threw us back into Westeros. With its return comes the drama, the gore, the betrayal and, of course, the deaths.

This season begins minutes after last season’s dramatic conclusion. Jon Snow, as far as we know it, is dead and won’t be back anytime soon. This is only the first episode however, so any number of shenanigans can happen down the line.

His death has served to split the Night Watch down the middle, and it’s a good ole GoT standoff that probably could have been settled in one episode but is going to linger on to the second episode.

Meanwhile in the North, we get to see Sansa again. I’ll be honest, season five’s treatment of her was probably one of the worst treatments of a character I’ve ever seen. Every possible piece of development was stolen from her during her “marriage” to Ramsay.

With Theon’s and her escape, along with Brien finally being able to serve her faithfully, I believe she can become one of the stronger forces this season.

None of the characters saw too much screen time as we popped around the world doing little updates. Cersei reacted to the death of her daughter, which was great acting on Lena Headey’s part. She communicated wordlessly; her face was filled with muted pain.

Daenerys, the queen of dragons, is back with the Dothraki and possibly in hot water. The reveal of Melisandre’s true, withered form had a lot of shock value, which had me begging for some answers

All in all, this episode is a strong start, but it wasn’t amazing. It was a solid reintroduction to Westeros for returning viewers, but it was almost as if the writers had a checklist of characters they had to touch on during the first episode. I really hope the show gains momentum in the next episode.

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