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Advertising Sales Representative

An Advertising Sales Representative is paid on commission and works with the recruiting and sales of clients and advertisements, and reports to and must collaborate well with the Advertising Manager and Managing Editor. He/she must be comfortable negotiating advertising and sales contracts as well as using a creative mind to research new outlets. An ASR should be proactive in acquiring new clients and work to establish long-lasting relationships with those clients. This position does not write for The Scout.

How to apply:
Submit résumé

Hannah Yglesias – Advertising Manager

Off-Staff Reporters
The Scout is accepting Off-Staff Reporters for all three of our sections (news, voice/entertainment and sports). Off-Staff Reporters write one article per week and are not required to spend time in the office during the school week. Off-Staff Reporters should be available Sunday nights at 7 p.m. for an all-staff newspaper critique with our advisor.

No application necessary. If interested, email Tony Xu, Editor-in-Chief, at


Last updated: April 2018