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All-gender restroom signs installed on campus

After installation is complete, a total of 30 all-gender bathrooms signs will be found on campus. These signs in Williams Hall were installed earlier this fall.
Photos by Sammantha Dellaria

The installation of all-gender restroom signs in select Bradley residence halls will be completed this month.

Bradley Facilities is installing the signs, the process of which began over the summer with residence halls and is continuing this semester in academic halls and other campus buildings. Installation is expected to be completed this month. After the installation, a total of 30 bathrooms will be designated as all-gender throughout campus.

According to Nathan Thomas, vice president for Student Affairs, the all-gender restrooms are located in the lobby of the dorms rather than the residence floors. Additionally, the restrooms are mostly single stall spaces open to all individuals.

Conversation regarding the installation of the all-gender bathroom signs began last fall during a joint cabinet meeting between Student Senate and Administrative Council. Former Student Body President Jenna Dellaria, who was in office when the conversation began, said installing the signs is a way to support diversity on campus.

“We had this conversation in hopes of making our campus more inclusive, and this was kind of spear-headed by the [former] Diversity and Inclusion Vice President Alysen Newton,” Dellaria said. “The fact that this is actually being presented and utilized on campus now is one more step towards an inclusive campus.”

According to Thomas, the installation of the all-gender signs is parallel to actions of other universities aiming to increase inclusivity.

“This has been a consistent and best practice across other campuses and some [businesses] where one-person restrooms, with door locks, are being open to use by all individuals,” Thomas said.

The installation of the signs follows a series of steps being taken by the university to promote a more inclusive campus. Last year, Student Senate passed its Pronoun Resolution, which allows students to select the pronoun of their preference on Sakai and Webster.

Earlier this semester, Residential Living held conversations regarding the possibility of a gender-neutral floor which would be available to any student who prefers to live on the floor. However, the gender-neutral floor has not passed through university administration yet.

Thomas said the implementation of all-gender bathroom signs is a progression toward creating a more welcoming environment.

“It is an important step as we continue to make assessments and improvements to support and respect the diversity of our campus community,” Thomas said.

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