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BUPD hosts inaugural awards ceremony

Brianna Seeberger received the Citizen Commendation Award on Thursday’s Inaugural BUPD Awards Ceremony Thursday.
photo by Maddie Gehling

The Bradley University Police Department (BUPD) hosted its inaugural awards ceremony yesterday afternoon. The event honored officers, community members and student leaders on campus who have helped BUPD maintain their mission on the Hilltop.

“We had a lot of instances where [Chief Brian Joschko] really felt like he needed to recognize some outstanding service,” BUPD Officer Sean Savage said. “It’s been a great year for us, especially with community outreach and keeping down crime. We have not had a high-crime year.”

Field officers, safety cruiser patrol drivers, Student Safety Advisory Committee Members and other members of the Bradley community were honored for their service to BUPD and the university. Lieutenant Nora Fales was awarded the Officer of the Year award. Senior criminal justice studies and political science major Brianna Seeberger was awarded the Citizen Commendation Award, while Student Senate received the Community Partner Award.

“My father was a police officer for a long time, so I’m interested in security issues and safety issues, so it’s nice to be recognized,” Ethan Hines, a Student Safety Advisory Committee awards recipient, said. “I don’t think anyone does their job or any organization just to be recognized.”

Savage said the ceremony was a great way to share the stories of community members and officers who lend their hands to fellow students, save lives and make positive impacts on their friends and peers.

“It’s great. I had only heard two of those stories [told at the event],” he said. “Even amongst ourselves, we didn’t know all the stuff that happened. It’s great we can tell the stories, hear the stories and everything else. That’s what our department’s all about.”