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Incoming Student Body President excited to begin term

Around the country, primary elections are just around the corner. Bradley’s major election cycle just ended with the election of the 2018-2019 Student Body Officers. The winner of the election and new president of the student body is Mikki Tran.

Tran is a senior health science major with an ethics minor who is very involved on campus. Aside from her recent election to the office of the Student Body President, Tran is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority, president of the the Activities Council of Bradley University and a student representative for the alumni association.

As Student Body President, Tran will preside over Student Senate.

“I joined senate going into my junior year here at Bradley, but realized that joining Student Senate would get my foot into the door with helping campus in another way,” Tran said.

Although she joined Student Senate at the start of last year, Tran still felt she could offer a lot to the Bradley community if she were elected President.

“I believe that I could represent the student[s] in a holistic mindset where I can take into account the different perspectives of students on this campus while still staying true to myself and what is best for this university,” Tran said.

At first, Tran said she was unsure about running for the position, but due to some prompting from other students outside of the senate, she began to seriously consider running.

One of her major platform points for this position included making the proceedings of the Student Senate more transparent to the rest of the student body.

“One of my main goals, as well as the other Student Body Officers, is to create more awareness among the student body of what Student Senate is and what we actually do around campus,” Tran said.

Citing some disconnect between the two groups, Tran hopes to involve the student body in the decisions that occur during their regular weekly meetings.

Upon hearing that she won, Tran said she did not know how to feel.

“I think hearing a very concrete piece of information that ‘you are the new Student Body President’ has a permanent and special place your memories,” Tran said.

Moving forward, Tran understands there will be some challenges she will have to overcome.

“I think my biggest concern is being able to take a step back and view all the concerns and issues that are presented to Student Senate on both sides of the spectrum of a student as well as on the administration side of things,” Tran said.

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