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Late Night BU goes out on the town

Late Night BU will be held off-campus today, marking the first time the event has been held in a location other than the Hilltop since its inception in 2008. The Warehouse on State in downtown Peoria will serve as the venue for the event, which is located at 736 SW. Washington St., about a 10-minute drive from campus.

Held once a month, Late Night BU seeks to provide a unique source of social entertainment for Bradley students.

Late Night BU Event Coordinator Kalah Anderson said the decision to move the event off-campus arose out of the desire to switch things up.

“It was a team collaboration when brainstorming new ideas to bring to Late Night BU,” Anderson, a senior hospitality and leadership major, said. “Late Night BU wanted to try something new and different.”

Despite the move downtown, Anderson said she does not expect the move to heavily impact attendance for the event.

“So far this semester, we have been doing really well with attendance numbers,” Anderson said. “We are hoping this event still draws out our usual crowd, plus more.”

However, Anderson said it has been stressful trying to anticipate how students will receive the event.

“It’s always nerve-racking trying something new,” Anderson said. “But we have heard a lot of positive feedback and interest, and we’re looking forward to Friday.”

New this semester, Late Night BU no longer plans the events around a specific theme. According to Anderson, this provides the Late Night BU planners more flexibility in choosing activities for the events.

“We have tried to wean away from themes as a way to provide an opportunity for more activities at each event,” Anderson said. “[At this event], dancing and eating will be free, and [alcoholic] drinks will be available for purchase. We will also have a photobooth and playing cards on the tables.”

Sophomore television arts major Sam Kuhlmeyer said he thinks moving the event downtown brings welcome change to the event series, and Late Night BU planners should continue to provide experiences students would not otherwise have access to.

“I think it’s a good change of pace for the event,” Kuhlmeyer said. “The team has put on a lot of really solid events this year, and their creativity has been well thought out. Obscure things that you can’t do on a regular basis seem to be a big hit and are appealing to me.”

Peoria charter busses will run continuously from 7:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. between Michel Student Center and Warehouse on State.

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