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Local business feature: Best places to eat in Peoria

A new school year means new students on campus who have not yet experienced some of the best dining options in Peoria. Listed below are a few of The Scout’s picks for new students to visit:

1.) The Blue Duck Barbecue Tavern puts a diverse twist on traditional barbecue.

According to the tavern’s website, its name is inspired by the movie “Billy Madison.” In the film, Madison colors a duck blue because he wants to see an everyday fowl in a different color, which relates to Kavan Shay’s mission of standing out.

One of the popular dishes at Blue Duck is Asian tacos. Another is the Bahn Mi, a brisket sandwich inspired by the Vietnamese sandwich of the same name.

The Blue Duck Barbecue Tavern is located on the Riverfront at 212 Southwest Water St.

2.) Zion Coffee Co, located in Peoria’s Warehouse District at 803 SW Adams St., opened earlier this year and has been a place for students and the Peoria community to come enjoy a variety of foods, coffee and liquor.

While coffee is the specialty at Zion, they also offer a variety of tea, a selection of toast with different toppings to mix and match, and alcohol, which is not the norm for coffee shops.

Additionally, the setup of Zion is optimal for a variety of activities. Catching up over a warm drink with friends at the tables downstairs, studying by the windows and enjoying the view of Peoria and gathering at the upper level with a group is all fair game.

3.) Located at 2313 NE. Adams St., Ice Cream Shack is a seasonal ice cream stand only open during the warmer months.

While Ice Cream Shack sells more than just frozen treats, it is best known for its ice cream flavor combinations called “wizards.” A small wizard, which comes in a 16-ounce cup, costs a little over $3, making it a good bang for your buck. I would not recommend buying anything larger than a small wizard if you are eating by yourself.

What make the wizards unique are the various, fun flavor options, such as puppy chow, krispy treat and Oreo.

But before hopping in the car, make sure to bring cash as Ice Cream Shack does not take plastic.

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