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Markin Recreational Center looking to fill open positions

The Bradley Office of Student Affairs is currently searching to fill two vacant positions at the Markin Recreational Center.

Two search committees were put together to find candidates to fill the positions of Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Programs and Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Facilities.

The search committee for the Rec Center Programing position is chaired by Jessica Chandler, the director of the Lewis J. Burger Center for Student Leadership and Public Service. The Rec Center Programming position is responsible for overseeing intramural programs, club sports and the group fitness program. This position is also required to sit in on the Late Night BU Committee.

The Rec Center Programing position, which was previously held by Nick Kramer, has been vacant since the beginning of January. The search for the best candidate to fill the position requires several stages. Chandler said the deadline to apply was March 18 and she and her committee are now beginning to search for the right candidate.

Chandler’s first task is to screen all of the 25 candidates that applied to make sure they have a graduate degree and at least two years of experience. Once she has screened them, the approved candidates are turned over to the search committee.

“[The search committee] grades and scores all of the applications,” Chandler said. “We will meet to go over who we think would be an ideal candidate to phone interview.”

After the candidates have been phone interviewed by the search committee, they will decide which candidates to bring to campus for an interview with Mike Keup, the Executive Director for the Center for Student Involvement and the hiring authority for both positions.

The search committee is looking for a candidate that is optimistic about handling the responsibilities that go along with the position.

“We want someone that understands the nature of the work that they would be doing,” Chandler said. “We are looking for someone that is a team player … someone that has the energy and excitement to be at Bradley.”

Lauren Smetana, the assistant director of Student Activities, is the chair of the search committee for the Rec Center Facilities position, which has been vacant since September 2015.

“[The position] is in charge of scheduling at the Markin center … they would also be working in the campus recreation office to help support with other events that are going on,” Smetana said. “This person would also sit on the Late Night BU planning committee.”

Smetana said the search committee is looking for someone who can handle the work that comes with the position.

“We are always looking for somebody who is not afraid of hard work,” Smetana said. “Somebody with a really positive attitude and somebody who isn’t afraid to put in extra work to make sure the job is done.”

The search committee for the Rec Center Facilities person is looking for candidates that have a masters degree and experience in athletics and sports recreation.

Smetana said the position has received 20 qualified candidates. The interview process is run the same way as the process to fill the Rec Center Programs position.

Two students, who work at the Markin Center or are a part of Markin programs, are on each of the positions’ search committees.

“They have a voice in who we are talking to, scoring and meeting with [candidates],” Chandler said. The students will have the opportunity to interview the top candidates that are asked to come to campus.

Both positions are expected to be filled by June 1.


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