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New Academic Success Center prepares students for college: New and old resources housed under one roof

Students are given a number of resources and a place to study at the Academic Success Center, located on the third floor of the library.
Photo by Cenn Hall

This year, Bradley is implementing a new system to enable students to receive help at college with ease. This change started with the creation of the Academic Success Center.

Located on the third floor of the Cullom-Davis library, the Academic Success Center serves as a resource for students who are struggling with their academics, need advice on how to proceed in their college careers or just need a quiet area to study.

Gregory Haines, director of the Academic Success Center, said the faculty and staff are trying to promote student success, and he believes having the Academic Success Center will achieve that.

The really nice thing about having all of these things together, counting the Math Success Center and the Writing Center which are now up here, too, is that its a one-stop shop for any kind of academic support a student would need, Haines said.

The Academic Success Center includes academic coaching, the Academic Exploration Program, the Math Success Center, the Writing Center and academic help desks as well as tutoring.

According to Haines, the old setup for academic help was archaic due to the location of both tutoring and assistance for students with disabilities being in the same area.

A student with disabilities doesnt necessarily need a tutor, Haines said. Likewise, a student whos coming here for [academic] coaching or tutoring isnt necessarily a student with disabilities. So by having those two coming out of the same office, [Bradley] was sending a message, whether they wanted to or not.

Because of this, Haines said the new setup will allow students to receive better help all in the same general area.

Were at the point right now where were looking back at services that have been provided by the university in the past, and seeing what we need to do with them to make them efficient, accessible and smartly resourced, Haines said.

One of the changes the Academic Success Center is introducing is a different one-on-one tutoring system in which there are less tutors, but each is trained more thoroughly.

The problem with one-on-one tutoring, [in the past], was that you have maybe 20 different tutor options to be able to schedule an appointment with, which is cool, but as far as resources are concerned, to be able to train 20 tutors, that takes a lot, Haines said.

Despite the change, Haines said he wants the center to be a place that makes students feel comfortable about coming in and asking for help.

Its important that we have good relationships with students, and we understand what the needs are that are coming up from students, Haines said. And if were not providing a service or resource that students need, let us know and if it makes sense within the whole scheme of what were doing, well do it.

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