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P.O.D. Haul: the most interesting items in the on-campus convenience store

Every Bradley student has passed by the P.O.D. at some point during their time at the university. Some use it as a quick fix to solve desperate cravings while others take advantage of the Starbucks menu. Sure, you can satisfy your Pringles fix, but its safe to say there are more interesting options offered in the P.O.D. The Scout reviewed some of the most novel items sold at the P.O.D. below:


Product: Good Day Chocolate Energy Supplement

Price: $3.39

Rating (# of Kabooms out of 5): 3.5

By: Sammantha Dellaria


The packaging of this product was the first thing to catch my eye. To someone basic like me, I live for aesthetics; so I had to buy this product. It can be purchased for a variety of supplemental uses including sleep, calm, vitamin D and more. I chose to go with energy (since this paper doesnt usually go to the printing press until midnight). The supplement looked like a fat M&M but had more of a dark chocolate taste. Overall, the crunchy shell worked well with the smooth interior chocolate. I did feel a caffeine boost, though, I ate all of the candy in the package at once because, you know, go hard or go home.


Product: Cruncha Ma-me: Freeze-dried edamame veggie snack

Price: $2.39

Rating (# of Kabooms out of 5): 2

By: Sammantha Dellaria


At first, I was excited to try this product because I often opt to eat edamame when I dine out in Asian restaurants. So, I was hoping that this product would be a quick and healthy solution to solve my cravings for the veggie. However, I was not pleased with the product, as it was fairly bland and made my mouth drier than the Sahara.


Product: Dang Toasted Coconut Chips Caramel Sea Salt

Price: $3.09

Rating (# of Kabooms out of 5): 3.5

By: Kylee Higgins


As a firm believer in the power of toasted coconut, I came out of the P.O.D. happy with this product and ready to go on an adventure with it. I didnt even notice the flavor of the coconut chips caramel sea salt until the chips were melting on my tongue. Its oh-so flavorful and sweet, maybe to the point of being too artificial. Though the amount of chips in the bag left something to be desired, this product left me saying, dang.


Product: Neuro Bliss

Price: $3.39

Rating (# of Kabooms out of 5): 1

By: Kylee Higgins


I, like many other students at Bradley, get stressed out with the daily struggles of balancing homework, classes and other activities, so finding this bottle of promised stress-relief was like discovering the Holy Grail. Unfortunately, one sip of this carbonated, tart drink had my taste buds screaming for water. This product is supposed to reduce stress, but all it did was make my eyelids heavy and my stomach bloated.


Product: Our Little Rebellion ‒ Bean Crisps

Price: $3.79

Rating (# of Kabooms out of 5): 4.5

By: AJ Lamb


After looking through the available chips, the idea of these bean crisps didnt really hook me. Im not a big fan of healthy snack foods, either, so I was hesitant to pay for what I assumed were going to be the worst chips ever. But the non-fried, gluten-free bean crisps were incredible. These airy, lightly salted snacks offered a delicious alternative to my usual choice of greasy potato chips. After opening them, I almost ate the whole bag in about five minutes. I know Ill definitely be buying these again, but next time, Ill make sure to get some hummus to accompany them.

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