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Peoria tattoo shop colors the community

Freedom Ink Tattoos is providing some color to Bradley students and Peorians.

Tim Beck, owner of Freedom Ink., founded the shop in 2006 with comfort, cleanliness and unique art in mind. Decked out from top to bottom with decorative, hand-painted tattoo flashes, along with some cultured aesthetics, his classic and traditional philosophies toward his craft have manifested within the appearance of the shop itself.

Beck is no stranger to advertising the versatility in his shop’s artistry.

“We are are a traditional-based tattoo shop,” Beck said. “We do everything. We’re an Americana tattoo shop that also specializes in all styles and we have a lot of historical tattoo [flashes] that no other shop in the area has.”

Beck has won many awards and been the subject of world-renowned tattoo magazines since his start in 1997. He is also accompanied by two other dedicated artists, who take up residency in the shop.

Jason Parker and Jeremy Armstrong, certified through the American Red Cross along with Beck, abide by strict sanitary guidelines for a safe environment. Utilizing single-use tools and OSHA-standard sanitation procedures, the three artists complete their work for a comfortable clientele. This, they say, is something important for first-timers.

“We probably get a good handful a week [who are getting] their first tattoo,” Beck said. “And they’re definitely nervous, and they should be. That’s completely normal. It would be weird if they weren’t.”

One of the shop’s regular customers and owner of Running Central, Adam White said having ink pressed into his skin is a fond passtime. In what he calls having “half his body” covered by Freedom Ink., his experience in the shop is one he carries with him wherever he goes.

“They are consummate professionals,” White said. “Getting a tattoo should be in an exciting, enjoyable and safe environment. You should be dealing with human beings who are not just brilliant artists, but [you should] have the opportunity to interact with extraordinary human beings who really care about their work and the people who are coming into their studio.”

White said Freedom Ink. offers customers the ideal environment and experience for getting a tattoo.

“They are the personification of excellence. You couldn’t ask for a better experience or a better quality product on your body that you will be carrying with you for the rest of your life,” White said.

Freedom Ink Tattoos is located at 760 SW Washington St. and is open Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and closed Sunday and Monday.

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  1. Amanda Kuebler Amanda Kuebler April 19, 2018

    All of my husband’s tattoos have been done by Jeremy Armstrong at Freedom Ink. I’ve had tattoos done other places and wish I had known about Freedom Ink sooner. Kudos to Tim for opening and maintaining the best shop around.

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