Retiring professors reflect on time at Bradley

Tracy Harris
After 24 years with Bradley, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Language, Tracy Harris, bids farewell to the Hilltop.
Harris began her academic journey at Bennington College, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and French. She followed her B.A. with two master’s degrees, one in teaching Spanish and French from Columbia University and one in linguistics from the Ohio State University. She then earned a doctorate in linguistics from Georgetown University.
Since 1990, Harris has led foreign language students in linguistic studies, with a primary focus in Spanish.
Known throughout her department for encouraging her students to show up “bright eyed and bushy tailed” to exams and quizzes, Harris has helped her students maintain a positive attitude about their studies.
Beyond Bradley, Harris wrote numerous journalistic articles on the Judeo-Spanish language and authored a book titled “Death of a Language: The History of Judeo-Spanish.”

Mary Jane Sterling
Department of Mathematics Professor Mary Jane Sterling is retiring from Bradley this semester after 35 years with the university.
An author of several “…for Dummies” books, Sterling has taken an engaging approach to education by teaching students, faculty and staff through workshops and interactive presentations on the field of mathematics at a national level.
She said she works to keep in touch with her graduates, forming relationships in the classroom and continuing to foster them outside of it.
Sterling started teaching at Bradley in 1979. Prior to Bradley, Sterling taught at the high schooland junior high school level in Pontiac and Chillicothe.
Her education includes a master’s degree from the University of New Hampshire. Sterling serves as the adviser to Circle K, is a member of Kiwanis Club and actively volunteers for the Heart of Illinois Aktion Club.
“After Bradley, my bucket list is to learn Spanish, make a quilt and write a murder mystery novelm,” she said. “It’ll keep me busy.”

Winfred Anakwa
Winfred Anakwa, professor of electrical and computer engineering, will retire from Bradley after 29 years with the College of Engineering and Technology.
Anakwa is a scholar with nearly 15 publications on topics such as embedded system development tools, magnetic suspension and rapid prototyping of control algorithms. He has also been an adviser and supervisor to many of his students wishing to dive deeper into electrical and computer engineering.
Anakwa received his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate from Brown University in Rhode Island, specializing in control system theory.
Outside the classroom, Anakwa said he will vacation immediately upon retirement and then return to convert his collection of more than 100 classical tapes to CDs.

Raymond Wojcikewych
Raymond Wojcikewych, associate professor of economics, is an expert at Bradley and in hisfield.
With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Scranton and a master’s and doctorate in economics from Pennsylvania State, Wojcikewych devoted his career to economics and students’ understanding of it.
Wojcikewych published articles in scholarly journals such as the Journal of Business and Behavioral Science and the Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies. His memberships in various academic communities such as the American Economic Association and the Missouri Valley Economic Association have reinforced his involvement and credibility.
Outside of teaching, Wojcikewych served Bradley on the Graduate Admissions Council and the College Graduate Curriculum Committee for the last 13 years.