Scout on the Street: 2017-03-03

“I’m going to work with an early childhood school, so I’m going to work there and just get some cash … I’m sure something will come up. I don’t plan that far ahead, but I’m just trying to get through this week before spring break.” – Suzy Nedic, junior psychology major


“I’m going home on Friday, so I can go to my town’s fish-fry, and then I am going to see my dogs, visit my family and just relax.” – Shelby Johnson, junior studio arts major


“I am going to be going home … and I’m going to help my mom clean the house [and] purge all of our stuff. [I’m also going to] hang out with friends and go up to Chicago to the art museum.” Hanna Berglund, senior ceramics major


“I’ll be working on my senior capstone project, enjoying time with my dog Jasper, and hopefully if it’s nice out, I will fly my drone that I got for Christmas.“ Dominic Gailloreto, senior Animation


“I plan on designing compelling and fun levels for my role-playing game.” James Klock, junior interactive media major