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Scout on the Street: What are you currently watching?

Lilly Lawrin- sophomore civil engineering major

Show currently binge-watching? Grace and Frankie

Quote: Watching this has been a great way to end my nights. I like how the premise of the show is just quirky enough to keep you interested. On some level, I hope my future turns out like theirs but only a little bit.


Alexus Petrella- sophomore nursing major

Show currently binge-watching? Riverdale

Quote: I find myself either studying or watching Riverdale until I finished the first season and found myself staring at my textbooks, and then my laptop. I need season two like I need a 4.0, but luckily for me, I know season two is coming for sure.


Eli Book- senior management and leadership major

Show currently binge-watching? Westworld

Quote: Westworld brought me back to the TV realm after watching full-length movies for a long time. It really makes you think about the future and whether or not things will turn out like this. Either way, I cant wait for more episodes.


Tom Savage- senior health science major

Show currently binge-watching? How I Met Your Mother

Quote: I dont usually binge [watch] TV shows, but I cannot get enough of How I Met Your Mother. Sometimes I wonder if Ted will ever get to the point, but I like being along for the ride. On top of that, Barney Stinson is truly an awesome character.


Aileen Richardson- junior nursing major

Show Currently binge watching? This Is Us

Quote: I needed a replacement for One Tree Hill, and this is perfect. It brings a lighthearted element to an interesting plot, and every week, I mark my calendar in my phone to watch the new episode on NBC. I cant wait to see what happens next week.

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