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Scout on the Street: What are you most looking forward to this school year?

“Aside from construction being done, just making new friends and for a smooth, good year.”

-Chino Green, former student, math major


“Seeing what this new major has to hold for me and what it brings and the different opportunities it will give me for a job”

-Karina Prado, senior, social work


“Making a bunch of new friends”

-Nicole Tortorello, freshman, physical therapy



-Maggie Mitchell, freshman, music education instrumental



-Hannah Ryan, freshman, nursing


“Homecoming weekend”

-Kirby Cowman, freshman, health sciences


“Binge eating Chick-fil-a and Moe’s”

-Meghan Galvin, freshman,Bio-medical with chemistry minor


“Building my relationships I already have and making new relationships with people. Also learning new things and making connections with the outside world.”

– Matt Braasch, junior, Management Information Systems (MIS)

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