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Scout on the Street: What has been your best or worst Halloween costume?

[My worst Halloween costume was] a cat: a black cat. I just [wore] ears and black. I was a black cat a couple times, to be honest.

Grace Henderson, senior health science major


I was a princess when I was little. I guess thats a good [Halloween costume]. I havent dressed up in a long time.

Alex Slane, sophomore marketing major


I guess it was both [the best and worst Halloween costume] at the same time. When I was younger, my mom thought it would be cute to dress me up like a nun when I was in third grade. So it was cute but I didnt like it.

Maribel De Lara, senior biology major


The worst [Halloween costume I had] was a witch: a cheap witch outfit that had the sorriest gold belt around it. My best [Halloween costume was] when I was a bride. I was five and felt like a princess more than a bride.

Quenice Williams, freshman journalism major

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