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Scout on the Street: What is the hardest class you have taken or are currently taking?

ECE 204, which is continuous time signals and systems, and it was really difficult because it was really deep mathematically, and its mostly based on proofs and stuff, so there wasnt a lot of applied stuff that we did.

Devin McDonald, senior electrical engineering major


Its between this class I took last semester, IM 355 [which] the professor, hes a great lecturer, [but] hes not a great teacher As for right now, Im taking a German history class [HIS 329] super fascinating but there is so much reading and so much writing that has to be done that its really hard.

Logan Shinall, senior interactive media animation major


My hardest class is one Im currently taking, ME 303, instrumentation and measurement. It has a lab with it that is very hard because it consists of 10-page lab reports every week and a half.

Zac Anderson, junior mechanical engineering major


My hardest class is typography, ART 205, because it is for graphic design majors, and Im not a graphic design major.

Taylor Saucier, sophomore retail merchandising major

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