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Scout on the Street: What is the most interesting date youve been on?

Kurtis Asante, freshman undecided

“A couple weeks before prom, my dad and his friend from work tried to hook me and her daughter up to prom So shes already catching feelings for me, but in my mind, I’m saying high school is almost over, I’m not gonna see this girl forever. She was mad because I wasn’t paying attention to her, so things turned out weird and we haven’t talked since.


Cory Turner, freshman political science and journalism double major.

“My freshman year I took this girl out to go roller skating, and I didn’t know how to roller skate, and she is a state champion in figure skating. So, I fell on my a**, broke my elbow. It’s fine because she took me on another date, but it’s like she knew I tried to finesse a girl.”


Micah Yoon, sophomore middle school math education major

“There was this guy that I met at my church bible study, and I didn’t think he was that cute but I thought I’d give him a try, so we went to go see SkyFall… it was already going to be awkward because my cousin was going to go because they are good friends … The big Korean church van brought the entire youth group, and my pastor drove us all.”


Tiara Gore, freshman education major

“I went on a first date with a guy and later found out he took his ex-girlfriend to see the same movie. Another instance was when I went on a date with an older guy, and he brought his older sister because she was trying to make friends.”

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