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Scout on the Street: What should Bradley’s Mascot be and why?

“I think the Bradley mascot should be a ‘Brave,’ but not in a discriminatory sense. Maybe the mascot should be a ‘Captain America’ type figure character with a shield with a big ‘B’ on it. ‘Bradley Brave’ rolls off the tongue and sounds smooth, so it should stay that way.”

– Sophomore accounting major Ron Martinelli


“Bradley’s mascot should be a squirrel. Bradley has some pretty big squirrels on campus. Have you seen those things? They’re huge.”

– Sophomore marketing major Brandon Vonachen


“I think Lydia Moss Bradley should be the mascot since she was the founder of our university and has done so much to the community of Peoria. She lacks a strong character presence on campus, other than the statue in the middle of the quad, so an appropriate representation would be perfect.”

– Junior computer science major Dey Ochoa


“The Bradley mascot should be an eagle. They are full of life and are visionary. They’re fearless, tenacious and nurturing. When you look at an eagle’s characteristics from a leadership perspective, they are ones which take action and make changes to their society, perfectly symbolizing Bradley students.”

– Senior community wellness major Eva Book


“If we could change the mascot to something other than the gargoyle, I’d want it to be a dragon. Dragons are powerful just like the students at Bradley. They’re also red, which is our school color.”

– Senior finance and accounting double major Alex Ferraro

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