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Scout on the Street: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done on Black Friday?

“At home in Wisconsin, I was at Dick’s Sporting Goods and saw a bidding war over the last cheese-styled cowboy hat for sale. It was listed at $10, but these two went all the way up to $75 … People really love their Packers gear.”

Freshman mechanical engineering major Jon Ciepluch


“I went to Walmart on Black Friday at 2 a.m. looking for a TV and the place was absolutely packed. When I got in line, I saw this man with his cart waiting in line, but he was only buying bread, eggs and other normal groceries.  When we asked him why he was there he said ‘I have to eat breakfast tomorrow, I don’t have a choice.’”

Sophomore management leadership major JJ Svoboda


“I was in line waiting to get into Victoria’s Secret and I see a fight break out over a pair of yoga pants on sale between an older lady and a young woman. The security guard was letting it go on until the older woman threw a right hook and knocked out the younger one … Turns out the woman she hit had a concussion and a broken nose.”

Sophomore nursing major Nicole Carlson


“I went to the mall late Thanksgiving night one year, and there was this huge line outside of Macy’s for their sale. All of the sudden I hear the security alarms go off, the people had trampled down the door and busted in before the sale even started.  The police had to come and ended up closing the store for the night.”

Freshman nursing major Jake Williams

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