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Scout on the Street: What’s the hardest final you’ve ever taken?

“The hardest final I’ve ever taken was probably for BIO 230. The exam questions were just very intricate, so you really had to focus on interpreting the actual question before continuing on to the next question.”

Sophomore nursing major Aileen Richardson


“The final for organic chemistry is a comprehensive, standardized test, covering both the spring and fall semester of the course. The study guide was nearly 200 pages long, and on top of all of this, the material is extremely difficult.”

Senior health science major Alex Rose


“My hardest final was in PSY 352. Not only did I have a final exam to worry about, but there was a big research paper due that day as well. Trying to do both was very stressful.”

Junior psychology major Jeremy Lencki


“My hardest final had to be in BIO 231 because it required you to memorize every part of the cat, a pig heart and human models. You had to know the body as a whole so you could differentiate the muscles and ligaments. You also only had 30 minutes to take it. ”

Sophomore health science major Megan Cameron


“Math 115 was my hardest final. Math is not a subject I excel in, but I still worked my butt off in the course. I worked harder for that ‘D’ than I have for any ‘A’ I ever received at Bradley.”

Senior marketing major Nick Taddeo

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