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Students begin classes in Campustown

Due to the crater formerly-known as Baker Hall and the largest freshmen class in recent history, some classes will be taught in Campustown this semester – for the first time in Bradleys history.

Campustown is being used for a number of business courses, including marketing, accounting and management. Many students are now adjusting to a new location for their classes.

Having class in Campustown felt very odd the first day, senior management and leadership major Kamren Coutee said. However, once I am in the building, it does not feel much different than any other building on campus. I don’t think the learning environment is any different than on-campus classrooms.

Some students said while they feel like they are off campus, the actual classrooms feel quite similar to those on campus.

[The building] seemed to be a little isolated from everything else on campus, but this is the only difference that I noticed, sophomore actuarial science major Stephanie Dierks said. Personally, I thought that getting to take a class in a somewhat different environment was a benefit. Its nice to get off campus in a way.

Dierks was not alone in her optimistic attitude about off-campus classes. Coutee also mentioned she does not mind the extra exercise in her daily routine while walking to the further location, among other perks of the building.

When I found out that Baker would be gone this year, I was nervous that all of my professors would be spread out all over campus, Coutee said. However, most of my professors are still located altogether in the Campustown building.

In addition to convenient professor locations, students said they were impressed with the security of the building. There are double security locks on the entrance, and students must have their Bradley IDs with them in order to access the building.

I thought the move was extremely smooth overall for students and faculty, fifth-year accounting major Aaron Zimmerman said. While Campustown classrooms may not be ideal, it is a viable short-term solution.

Whether students like it or not, Campustown will be the home for business classes until the Business and Engineering complex is completed, which is estimated to be in 2019.

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