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The Scout’s statement regarding the Valentine’s Day edition

The Scout Editors have received many responses — positive and negative — about last weekend’s Valentine’s Day issue.

We hear those concerns loud and clear.

We want our readers to know that we take every comment into consideration, and our staff is always open to self-reflection and change. We know we can do better — across all sections of the paper.

The process before publication is intensive, where many discussions take place amongst our editors and writers. Before publishing this latest issue, editors had many conversations about issues that included the very concerns some readers brought forward. That dialogue is still taking place among our staff and with our readers.

We want The Scout to be as inclusive as possible in its perspectives as we continue to tackle topics relevant to Bradley students, covering serious news and reflecting the voices of the student body. We’ve had many discussions since Friday morning on how we can do so – and do it well for the entire Bradley community.

We continue to encourage constructive criticism from readers, and we’ll work to incorporate it as we move forward. Our sincere thanks for everyone whose thoughts help The Scout get better every week.


  1. bob bob February 17, 2016

    Apologize. It was crass, and not even well written crass. I know we’re all college students, but this was pathetic, unfunny, and just rude to the entire Bradley community. Own up, be big, and apologize like grown ups.

  2. bob bob February 17, 2016

    No apology necessary. I enjoyed the Valentines articles and found them to be a lot more open than usual. Its nice that you guys didn’t beat around the bush. As an alumni, anyone who is actually offended by these articles doesn’t quite have the maturity they need for the real world.

    • Alumni Alumni February 19, 2016

      but you can’t even apologize for those articles? shame on you all

  3. bob bob February 17, 2016

    I agree with both of the bob’s

  4. Jason Jason February 17, 2016

    We, as a the Bradley community, understand that you wanted to provide a Valentine’s Day themed paper to help out the Bradley public. However, the product was something that was not acceptable for the public to be reading, the Scout is more than just a college newspaper. That newspaper is sold at Starbucks and all of campus town that is a PUBLIC area. So how would feel as a parent having to explain to your now traumatized child “How to have an orgy”? You, the staff of the Scout, produced something that was not acceptable to be printed, it was past a point of humor. The articles were highly offensive to the population of Bradley. This statement makes it seem as though you were supporting said articles that were produced, and honestly, I do not want to be affiliated with something that would support such articles.

    • Bob Bob February 18, 2016

      Who are you to deem what is and what is not appropriate for a college newspaper? Also I don’t think they are sold anywhere and there was a clear disclaimer on the front page so any parent would know not to hand the paper to their child. That’s like saying you can’t bring your kid to a grocery store because there’s sexual magazines there.

      • David J. Dill David J. Dill February 20, 2016

        Bob, your attitude is why this country is in big trouble. Decorum. Time and place. Dignity. Class. The article in question was crass and does not reflect positive morals or values. You are part of the problem, Bob. The article served no good purpose. I’m ashamed to be an alumnus.

  5. Jason Jason February 18, 2016

    This is not apology and I feel like this only reaffirms that the Scout thinks everyone is straight. I am not and I feel like the Scout knowingly has made it less welcome for me to be gay on this campus. Saying you have intense conversations and went forward with producing the Voyeur edition is a statement of lack of integrity.

    • Bob Bob February 18, 2016

      Last time I checked they talked about an all-male orgy and anal sex….

      • Jason Jason February 18, 2016

        Yes, it also refer to that as a sexual preference or a kink…

  6. Alumni Alumni February 19, 2016

    it’s sad and disheartening to know you could not even apologize for those disgusting, heteronormative, and misogyinstic articles. Shame on you all. That’s not how you deal with these type of things.

  7. Andy Andy February 20, 2016

    My daughter is a student at Bradley and I agree with Mr. Dill. It’s great to live in a country where we can write anything we want without censure but it puts the burden on us to handle that power responsibly. These articles were not appropriate for a college publication and put The Scout squarely into the arena of tabloid journalism. Regrettably, through guilt by association, Bradley as a private institution has suffered. But, it seems this could have been avoided prepublication through appropriate editorial scrutiny by the faculty of the Journalism dept. Where were they?

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