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Youtuber teaches tricks of the trade

On Sept. 12, YouTube sensation Stuart Edge brought sarcasm, spunk and the comical stylings of his humorous showcase, Edge Talk, to Bradley.

Ranging from appearances on “The Tonight Show” to joking around with students on the Marty Theatre stage, Edge’s performances channel the energy of the crowd into comedic routines, dances and magic tricks.

Edge connected with students, speaking on both his background and his first impressions of Peoria.

Rather than showing all of his videos, the audience was given a behind-the-scenes look into how he made his videos as well as some of the secrets to his tricks that combine science and quick thinking.

Edge Talk included a discussion on humor and life as Edge spoke about “complicating things to make them interesting, but not to overcomplicate them.” He encouraged students to get out of their comfort zones and to explore opportunities.

Rising from Porta Potty cleaner to video company worker, Edge said his life’s journey helped him gain a new perspective and figure out a solid path for himself to lead to his present success.

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