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College Haas been great

Well, I never thought this would come, but here it is: the last few weeks of my senior year. When I found out I was required to write a column wrapping up my four years on the Hilltop, I just kind of laughed. How are you supposed to describe the craziest four years of your life in 300 to 500 words and be all sappy and sad at the same time?

What I figured out is that you can just do what you did the last four years of your life: fake it till you make it.

Coming from Milwaukee, I didn’t really know anybody besides my roommate Bradley, so I wasn’t really sure what Bradley was going to be like. As stated in the paper I had to write following my first semester of college for EHS 120, “The stereotypes for college students is that you party whenever you want and that it is the time of your life. Thus far, it doesn’t seem like one big party.”

Well, now that I am done with my four years, I can say that I was totally wrong. Sure, there were a lot of late nights at the library, but there were probably a lot more and a lot later nights not at the library.

While I had a lot of stereotypical college nights, my experience was different than majority of students at Bradley. I almost lived a double-life a la Hannah Montana. When not on campus with my fraternity brothers, working on schoolwork or doing non-studious activities, I spent my time rehearsing for community theatre productions. Being so active in the Peoria theatre community is the main reason saying goodbye to this city will be so hard.

Sure, college was great. I made so many friends at school, and I can’t begin to think how thankful I am for them and the opportunities I got at Bradley. But it was the experiences outside of Bradley in the Peoria area that molded me into the person I am today (I told you it would be fluffy and cheesy).

It isn’t the time spent on stage that you remember, but it is the people who helped you get there. Community theatre is so unique because you aren’t just going to have the average thespian. You are going to have people that are doctors, teachers, engineers and anyone else you can think of. They will pick you up when you fall and celebrate when you succeed.

At the end of the day, it’s these people that made my college experience so unique. I will end this like every other theater bio I have ever written so it can stay the sappy sob story this is supposed to be. Thank you to my family, friends, brothers from Sigma Nu and everybody else who has supported me along the way. For you I am forever grateful, and with that, enjoy the show!

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