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Editorial: 2017-09-22

Weve only been on the Hilltop one month, and it feels like there are changes everywhere. The Scout rated some of the most noteworthy things that have taken place below.


Campus WiFi

Last week The Scout ran an article about Bradleys network, prompted by frequently slow connection on campus and a number of complaints we heard regarding the issue. While Bradley has been working on updating the network for the last couple of years, it doesnt seem as if much has improved. It is still difficult to connect to the main WiFi server, busecure, and internet runs slowly in popular places like Cullom-Davis Library, Michel Student Center and academic buildings all places where access points have been upgraded.


Possible gender-neutral housing

The Scout values diversity on campus, and the recent conversations surrounding a possible gender-neutral floor in Williams Hall demonstrates that Bradley does, too. Instituting this feature would give people who identify as gender-neutral a place to live where they feel safe, comfortable and supported.


Student Success Collaborative Campus software

The Scout published an article last week regarding a new software being developed by the company Education Advisory Board (EAB). One component of the software is an analytics tool meant to show advisors if a student is more or less likely to graduate in a certain major based on the success rates of past students in that same major. Its ridiculous that administration chose to spend money on yet another piece of software faculty members will be required to learn. Additionally, it is terrifying to know our advisors will be told to determine our potential success based off of statistics, rather than personal performance and effort in the classroom.


MAP grant legislature reception

On Monday, president Gary Roberts invited the Bradley community to a reception held for state legislators who helped to pass the Illinois State Budget. When the budget passed in July, funding for the MAP grant was reinstated. The grant supports over 1,200 Bradley students, and this event was a good way for all involved in the process to come together to celebrate the continued progress of the affected students education. The reception was also a good way for students to put faces to the names of legislators as well as demonstrated the accountability of our lawmakers.