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Editorial: 2017-09-29

This week, The Scout saw a number of flyers posted around campus Join Trash Crew, they said. The group, officially titled BU Clean Up Crew, meets on Friday mornings to pick up garbage along roads and fields near campus.

This was refreshing to see. Its hard to find opportunities to go green on campus, and within the last decade, Bradley has even received nearly failing grades on the College Sustainability Report Card (a D in 2010 and a C- in 2011).

Sure, Westlake Hall is rated highly for its eco-friendly design and operation. There are blue recycling bins in academic buildings across campus. ZipCars are available on campus to minimize the use of fossil fuels among students, faculty and staff.

Its inspiring to see this effort come from the students, but disheartening to know that administration doesnt seem to reflect these desires. Two years ago, we ran an article that referred to a lack of recycling efforts in residences across campus, as well as a proposed sustainability minor that has yet to be rolled out. Additionally, the new business and engineering complex will not be as eco-friendly or sustainable as Westlake Hall, either.

Now is the time for Bradley to take a look at the world outside. The climate, our rivers and forests are such pressing topics right now; it has recently become impossible to ignore the planet and how we treat it. Bradley needs to wake up and smell the roses about eco-friendly campuses before there arent any roses left.