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Minnesota, dontcha know

Patriotism is important to many people in the United States of America. This is part of what makes America so great: being proud of where you came from. This is also what makes Minnesota so great: no one has more pride than Minnesotans, myself included.

Minnesotans are die-hard sports fans despite having never won an NFL, NHL or NBA Championship, and we have not won a MLB championship since 1991. We survive through winters with negative 30-degree weather wind chill. With all the struggles of living in such an uninhabitable state,Minnesotans face the challenge head-on, and we are proud of our homeland.

There are so many stereotypes of Minnesota and I am going to say everything you haveheard about Minnesotans is most likely true,and we embrace them.

Yes, just about everyone in Minnesota loves hockey or at least knows how to ice skate. I began skating when I was three years old on the rink my dad makes every year in my backyard. My parents had to practically drag me off the ice when it was time for me to go to bed.

Yes, Minnesota Nice is real. Minnesotans are extremely courteous and polite. I can sit at a four-way stop for 20 seconds while all four cars are waving the others through unlike drivers from any other state who just speed through as quickly as possible and I dont even mind it.

Yes, Minnesotans really do eat tater tot hot dish. Although, I am in the minority of people whothinks tater tots, beef, green beans and corn do not belong together.

Yes, Minnesotans do hate Wisconsin especially Packers fans. The first question a Minnesotanasks someone from Wisconsin is always, Are you a Packers fan? I immediately judge anyone who I see wearing green and yellow.

Yes, Minnesotans take forever to say goodbye. My family starts saying our goodbyes fromfamily holidays about an hour and a half before we actually leave.

Yes, Minnesotans call it pop and not soda. You will get a glare from me if you call it soda.

Yes, Minnesotans all talk like the people in the movie Fargo. I am mocked for the way I talk when I am at school. If you dont believe me, ask me to say bag sometime.

An example of this Minnesota pride was evident on Monday Night Football a couple weeks ago, when the Minnesota Vikings celebrated a touchdown with a game of duck, duck,goose. The issue here was in Minnesota, we do not play duck, duck, goose, we play duck, duck, gray duck.

When different popular sports news outlets tweeted about them playing duck,duck, goose, Minnesotans got angry. My Twitter feed was filled with irate Minnesotans whofelt personally attacked by the disrespect towards their state culture.

From the over 10,000 lakes, to the brutally cold winters, to the countless hours skating on the ice rink in my backyard, there is nowhere else I would rather call my home state than Minnesota.

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