Pronoun policy a step toward equality

Next week, Student Senate will vote on its new Pronoun Resolution, which seeks to provide a way for students to choose the pronouns for their profiles on Sakai and Webster (Read HEADLINE on PAGE for more information).

This means a transgender student may soon be able to edit their pronouns on the sites to their preferred “he” or “she,” or an agender student could soon be able to edit their preferences to display the pronoun “them.”

The resolution might seem like a small accomplishment for many students on campus, but in actuality, it’s just the opposite.

If passed, this will be great news for the Bradley LGBTQ+ community, and will be a big step toward gender neutrality and equality across campus.

Allowing the ability to edit their pronouns promotes an inclusive environment where students are able to feel comfortable knowing the campus supports their chosen identities.

This small change would create a safe space for all transgender and gender non-conforming students, which is important on a college campus where we should be tolerant of one another’s differences.

We know there are a number of initiatives Student Senate has been working on recently (such as the Smoke-Free Campus resolution, putting an iPad in Michel Student Center to collect feedback and other), but those initiatives have fallen prey to the long, layered processes of bureaucracy.

This issue is too important to let fall by the wayside, and it’s an easy fix. We call on Student Senate to accomplish this proposal soon, so students can feel accepted at Bradley no matter what their preferred pronouns are.