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Q&A with the SBO candidates

This year, there was no public forum or debate as a result of one uncontested Student Body Officer ticket. After interviewing the candidates, The Scout picked out the most important information from each candidate for students to review before voting on the ballot March 27 and 28. Read up on some of their important talking points here.


Dave Jensen, Student Body President


What is your main goal for your term?

My main goals include increasing event partnership between our student organizations, increasing Sexual Assault Awareness not just during the month of April, and focusing on the inclusion of all students on campus. My main goal directly related to Student Senate is more campus outreach. I want to be sure that everyone knows who their elected representatives are, because everyone’s opinions matter.
What is one new idea you’d like to implement this year?

I think that our Rise of the Red (ROTR) campaign is going really well … Lack of school spirit is a concern that is largely voiced by the student body. While ROTR is great, I hope to find a way to encourage school spirit by attendance at events … Every event on this campus is unique and fun. All we need to do is find a way to get students to break out of their comfort zone, meet new people and try new things.


How do you keep a student voice when working so closely with administration?

Sometimes it’s tough, since questions like, “Where is that funding?” or, “What’s the proposed timeline?” pop up in my head when a fellow student approaches me with an idea. But no matter what, it’s important to keep those ideas coming … I also think it’s important to have a couple of student leaders that work closely with administration to always ensure the student voice is heard.


Kelsey Vogt, Speaker of the Assembly


What is your main goal for your term?

One thing I really want to focus on is more collaboration … between students and [other] students. That’s an issue that I’m starting to see not only between some organizations that could be collaborating to create better things for this campus, but within organizations themselves.


What are some current initiatives you’d like to work on?

[I think we can work on] the timeliness of some things. If Senate comes up with an idea, and we create a proposal and vote on it … it goes to the University Senate to be approved. They don’t have meetings as often and sometimes they take a little bit longer than we would hope, and so creating the communication that there might be a deadline … and hopefully they will see it as a priority at that point.


How do you plan to motivate senators to fulfill Senate goals?

I am a firm believer in leading by example. So if I am asking other people to participate in something that I’m saying is super meaningful, if I don’t go to it and I don’t participate, why would that carry on to them?


Kalah Anderson, Secretary of the Assembly,


What is one idea you’ll bring to Senate?

One of our overall goals for our team ticket “Brave For You” is really focusing on making sure that diversity and inclusion is something that is brought up into the campus. [We’re also] making sure that those that are in that inclusion category aren’t just those with disabilities, but highlighting all inclusions. I think there are gender biases and things of that sort that a lot of those students feel like they don’t have a voice, and we really want to be a voice for those students.


How will you maintain relationships with other organizations?

I definitely plan to make sure I communicate with them right away … putting a face to a name and letting them know that I am an open book if they have some event that they want us to broadcast or they want us to be at or whatever it may be.


How will you best organize and facilitate Senate records?

[I will be] working with Google drive … [and] utilizing the Hilltop Happenings to communicate different events, too.


Luke Versweyveld, Secretary of Finance


What is one new initiative you would like to see implemented?

I think that last year there [were] some organizations that didn’t get funding and I know that really hurt them … I know we can only do so much with the money we have, but if there is any way that I can individually step up and help them get funding in other ways … I would love to see that happen.


What would you like to work on next year?

With a limited budget … We should put our money where our mouth is and make sure the money is going to those who need it.


What are the three main issues facing Bradley?

  1. School spirit doesn’t always have to be tied with athletic success. I think we are doing a really good job with the Rise of the Red.
  2. Making sure our diversity groups on campus have the support they need and making sure Bradley is a place of inclusivity and support for each other.
  3. [I want to] advocate for all organizations [and sit] down with presidents for as many organizations as I can to maintain positive relationships.
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