Senior column: We gon’ be alright

The great philosopher Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast; If you don’t stop and look around every once and a while, you could miss it.”

I love that quote, and I love that movie, but the reality behind Ferris’ words never really meant anything to me until recently.

Graduation is only a matter of days away, y’all. It doesn’t seem like four-and-a-half years have passed since I first began my collegiate journey at SIU-Edwardsville, which will now end here on the Hilltop.

Naturally, I’m excited for the moment to come, as it will lead to a new series of challenges to take on. But if I’m going to be completely honest – like I’ve always tried to be with you – I’m also petrified of leaving behind the comfort of a university that has become my home away from home.

I’m broke, I have no full-time job waiting for me and I’m in so much debt, I’m asking Santa for student loan forgiveness this year. Plus, the real world is a scary place. These days, we can’t turn on the nightly news without being reminded about the fragile nature of our existence. It sucks, but that’s just the way it is.

Despite all of that, I can’t stop now. I can’t allow worry and doubt to derail this moment that I’ve spent the past few years working toward. After all, if post-grad life isn’t the way I anticipated it to be right away, giving up is not an option; I’ll just have to persevere.

If you ever catch yourself feeling the same way I do about the future, whether you’re graduating now or later, I encourage you to give Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” a listen when you have the time.

Its message is simple: no matter what trials or hardships you may endure, no matter how many times life kicks you down and no matter how often hope seems far and away, don’t worry because “we gon’ be alright.”

If I could leave you with any worthwhile parting advice, it would be to always keep that in mind. We’ve all come too far to let anything get in the way of greatness, so why stop now? In fact, why stop ever?

So, before I completely become student newspaper nostalgia, I’d like to thank my family, friends and other positive influences for always supporting, encouraging and teaching me for as long as I can remember. I love you all dearly. Thanks for making me feel complete.

To the wonderful weirdo’s known as The Scout staff, thanks for embracing my own weirdness and giving me the chance to be a part of the coolest group on campus for the past year and a half. I’ll be visiting the office again in due time, so don’t purge me from your memories just yet.

Finally, to you, the loyal reader, thanks for not bludgeoning me with a broomstick after I took the crossword puzzle out for those two fateful weeks this semester. That was my bad, and I’m sorry. You know I got love for you.

That’s all he wrote. Until next time, keep pushing forward, Braves. You’re going to be all right.