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Three keys to completing college correctly

Getting through college isnt a walk in the park.

As students, we are faced with a multitude of demands. Society assumes since we are the future of America, we must be well-suited in many facets of professional life.

We are told we need to strive for stellar academic grades, make a difference on campus by becoming involved in various student organizations and get to know as many people as possible. Basically, our country wants us to be perfect corporate prospects after four years of college.

Will you graduate as the perfect job candidate? Probably not. It isnt realistic. But there are three tools every college student can use towards becoming a well-versed Bradley University graduate.

The first is a school planner.

Lets face it, your lackluster time management skills hinder your ability to excel in all areas of your college life. A planner will change this.

I went into college hating daily planners. They were over-used in high school, as teachers forced students to use them. In high school, most students did well in classes without ever touching their school planner; college is a different story. Most students now have schedules from hell.

Since we are students who buy into the societal standard of perfection, we become so busy that without a planner, priorities slip through the cracks of an unorganized life. Planners help us remember what we need to do on a daily basis and allow students to prep for big calendar events, serving as an excellent time management tool.

Physical planners are typically cheap and allow students to remember important events better, since physically writing allows for a stronger retention of information. Students may also utilize digital planners, such as Google Calendar provided by Bradleys B-Mail app, which comes in handy if youre like me and youre always on your phone.

The second tool every college student needs is coffee, or, more specifically, caffeine.

Many Americans are addicted to caffeine, and for good reason.

Being stimulated by a cup of joe in the morning is basically cheating your way to ensured productivity each day. Coffee allows students to finish homework assignments in-between classes, stay attentive throughout course lectures and remain energized for the numerous after-class meetings for student organizations.

So to be successful, do what everyone else living in America does: take on a crazy workload and drown yourself in coffee to get through the day.

The third and final tool is alcohol (if you are of age, of course).

There is nothing like unloading piled-up college stress by drinking a nice, cold beer.

As students, we are forced to micromanage our lives to have a fighting chance at being competitive in the job market. Getting inebriated is a sure way to let loose, forget about upcoming project deadlines and have a good time. Forget stressing over who has the highest class rank, and instead play a few games at the beer pong table.

Besides, alcohol also has professional benefits as well, as socializing becomes exponentially easier. What better way to network than sharing crazy college experiences over a few dollar-you-call-its at Crusens on a Thursday night?

Students must remember to keep the late nights at the bar to a healthy minimum and to drink responsibly at all times.

If youre a student who is overwhelmed by the demands of a college lifestyle, utilize these three tools, or incorporate beneficial tools tailored to your own demands of life.

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