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Hot take: Follow your dreams

Everyone has their dream job, or even a dream company, they want to work for. However, many of us change our idea of what a dream job is as we learn and grow. For example, Ive come to terms with the fact that I will never play point guard for the Chicago Bulls. Though I dont think I could do much worse than who the Bulls are currently putting out on the floor, but I digress.

Dream jobs are often centered around doing something you love. While some are swayed from chasing their dream jobs with the thought that it may be foolish or unrealistic, its always nice to see people doing what they love and succeeding in doing so, as well.

Currently, my dream job is to work at Barstool Sports. Not only do I love sports, but I also love to make people laugh. With their slogan being, By the common man for the common man, those who work at the company are able to report on sports, but in a satirical fashion.

If you havent visited their site, listened to one of their many popular podcasts or dont know the company by name, youve probably seen someone wearing one of their t-shirts or heard one of their catchphrases like one bite everyone knows the rules and Saturdays are for the boys.

Barstools most prominent podcast, and one of the most listened to podcasts on iTunes, is Pardon My Take. The show is hosted by Dan Big Cat Katz and PFT Commenter. The pair discusses daily sports topics in a number of different segments such as hot seat cool throne and Mount Rushmore debates. They also welcome a guest each week and have hosted a number of big names in the sports world, including NBA star Blake Griffin, Cubs shortstop Addison Russell and president of UFC Dana White.

The duo is able to make me laugh while still providing relevant information, and thats the reason I religiously listen to the show every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Big Cat and PFT have dubbed fans Award Winning Listeners, and Im proud to call myself one. Thankfully, I can now be an Award Winning Watcher as well.

ESPN, who has felt the pressure from other growing sports media outlets like Fox Sports, is trying to take advantage of Barstools loyal following. In an effort to maintain their title as the World Wide Leader in Sports, ESPN recently gave the Pardon My Take hosts a show on ESPN2.

Barstool Van Talk airs Tuesdays at midnight on ESPN2. With the show premiering last Tuesday and SportsCenter anchor Scott Van Pelt as their guest, Big Cat and PFT were able to put together one of the funniest and most enjoyable 30 minutes I have seen on ESPN in a long time. That being said, I highly recommend tuning in.

As the two become more and more accomplished, the pair remain continue to remain humble and thank their supporters every chance they get, because according to them, they are both doing what they love and living their dream jobs. This declaration reminded me that you can do what you love and still be successful.

Like I said, dream jobs are often reshaped as we get older. When I first came to Bradley, I was determined to work at a highly-respected sports media company like ESPN. While Id be reporting on sports, I wouldnt get the opportunity to make people laugh, which is something I really cherish. Barstool has brightened my day through their humorous takes on whats going on in the sports world a countless number of times, and the companys unique culture is one I want to be a part of.

Though my dream job will more than likely change at least five more times before my graduation, wherever it leads me, Im going to continue to follow it, and you should too.

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