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One-on-One: Should the Bears play Mitchell Trubisky this season?

Let’s see what he’s got.



The Chicago Bears should start Mitchell Trubisky this season for one simple reason. The Bears are not going anywhere this season. With a 0-2 start, the Bears are not skilled enough to have a comeback season. Their offense is one of the worst in the league, partially due to an already-weak receiving corps that is plagued by injury.

Mike Glennon and the Bears offense have only scored 24 points in the first two games. He had three turnovers in their loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, and was not efficient on offense. Trubisky could provide a much-needed change for the struggling team.

With such meager potential this season, there is no harm in letting rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky start a few games. Even if he is not ready for the league yet, putting him in a game will prepare him faster. There is not a better way for him to learn to be a good NFL quarterback than to gain experience by playing in a real game. Besides, lets face it, Trubisky is not learning anything from starter Mike Glennon; this is not an Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre situation.

It is time for Trubisky to get a chance to start. Nick will say that Glennon will turn things around for the Bears, and thats the sign of a true Bears fan: faith. There is no reason to have faith in this Bears team, which is why there is no reason not to give Trubisky some on-field experience, this way he is ready to start with a fresh season next year with a healthy team.


Absolutely not.



When Bears General Manager Ryan Pace drafted Mitchell Trubisky with the second overall pick, Bears fans had mixed emotions. Some believed Trubisky would finally be the long-awaited franchise quarterback, while others saw him as no better than Jay Cutler. While the case can be made for either side, one thing is for certain: fans will not, and should not, have an answer until next season.

Before drafting Trubisky, the Bears signed Mike Glennon in the offseason to a three year $45 million deal. Glennon has already shown the ability to lead the offense, and in week one, he was nearly able to pull off a game-winning drive against the reigning NFC champion Atlanta Falcons.

Trubisky lit it up in the preseason which hyped the rookie up even more. However, its important to recognize he was facing off against second and third string defenders. The Bears receiving corps is also very depleted, having lost Kevin White and Cameron Meredith due to injury. Being a rookie quarterback in the NFL is tough enough, but not having anyone to throw the ball to makes it even worse.

Rookie quarterbacks tend to struggle in the NFL, but weve also seen rookies who sit out their rookie year, come in and dominate down the road. Tom Brady sat out his rookie NFL season, and more recently, Aaron Rodgers played backup to Brett Favre his rookie season. These two are now widely considered the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Cole will tell you that the Bears are going to struggle this year and that there is nothing left to lose by putting Trubisky in to gain experience. However, theres no reason to ruin the rookies confidence either. Trubisky can take over the starting spot next year once the Bears are healthy and more talented.

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