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Senior Column: Sweet memories, sweeter people

I have a stack of newspapers in my room, and they tell the stories of our students.

From coming together to be Washington Strong, to the time that kid stole the toilet paper from Jobst yet again, to the day when JoJo told us it was time for her to move on from the Hilltop…it’s all documented for the world to see.

But with each newspaper comes another set of stories, stories that don’t get printed and never will. Stories that have defined the lives of people listed in a column on A6.

Those stories are the ones I will never be able to relive, but I never want to forget. Those are the ones that are more valuable, more newsworthy and more relevant than any headliner we could ever run.

I remember the feeling of our family winning third best newspaper in the state.

I remember business office life chats with Kristin Kreher, who appreciated me and held me accountable for my successes as much as she did my shortcomings.

And I remember the moment Vickie Berkow handed me a letter that said taking on Editor-in-Chief was a commitment to approach every task with integrity, passion and courage, pursuing truth no matter the subject.

I remember times like these and so many others that shaped my college experience, and I want to express my gratitude to those who have shared them with me.

So, thank you to the entire greek system for breaking stereotypes and fueling excellence. I am where I am because you all taught me to put values at the forefront.

Thank you to the National Society of Leadership and Success team for motivating me to grow and lead more effectively and with greater purpose.

Thank you to the STARs for reminding me daily why I came here and why I’m going to hate leaving.

Thank you to everyone in the CFA, the best college at Bradley (hands down) for preparing me for the real world.

Thank you to those who have challenged me, encouraged me and empowered me to become my best self, namely Tom Richmond, Sam Brothers, Paola Trujillo, President Glasser, Brianna Blackshire, Alexis Kessler, Ciera Harvill, Chris Kaergard, Navid Kassam, Nathan Thomas, Renee Charles, Katie Dahlman, Carrie “Com Mom” Kroenke, Sara Gauwitz, and Kelly Sheehan.

Thank you to Robert, the cutest old man in Campustown CVS. If I could have even one tenth of the joy and compassion you show to others someday, I’d be set for life. (Also, thank you for being The Scout’s unofficial paperboy.)

And finally, thank you to my Scout family.

I may not be a hipster (I know, Walls, I looked like I was stuck in the 80s). I may embarrass you when gluten-contaminated foods makes me vomit all over the Senate office door (get the Purell, DiMaggio). I may even suck at Mario Kart (Garth), worry too much about your personal lives (Tori, close the windows next time), or may not be able to fully appreciate alternative music (Tessa), tootsie rolls (Jaylyn), flat brims (Chris) or grapefruiting (not going there). But I love you guys, and whether I want to admit it or not, I know a part of me will be missing next year at law school (and it won’t just be my sanity).

So, thank you Scouters for allowing me to write history with you. And remember what Dita von Teese said: “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” Even as an Orange, I’ll fight for all of you peaches. Nothing’s sweeter than family.

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