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Students aid in Mission IMPROVable

The Student Activities Office and Admissions Department teamed up for a special night for visiting and Bradley students.

The members, or “agents”, of Mission IMPROVable, Patrick, James, Bryce and Joey, are from Los Angeles and are now living in Chicago as professional actors.

“We’ve had these guys three years in a row now, and they are pretty funny,” Associate Director of Admissions Cory Craig said.

Members of BBQ Kitten were also in attendance in order to gain some insight into new games they can incorporate into their own shows.

They started out the night by asking the audience to read text messages out loud, which they proceeded to write down for use as dialogue in their first skit.

“Mission IMPROVable was unexpected in a great way and super entertaining and interactive,” freshman communications major Teresa Hernandez said.

The night progressed with a variety of improvisation games, such as “Four Square” and “Dr. Know It All.” The guys relied on audience participation to suggest movie genres, celebrities and magazines they could incorporate into their acts.

“The show was hilarious and one of the best improv shows I’ve seen,” freshman accounting major Michael Tadros said. “They did a great job incorporating the crowd and I can tell that the [visiting] students I hosted really enjoyed the show.”

Spontaneity was a key component to Mission IMPROVable’s show. At one point during the night, they urged an audience member on stage to show off his Heelys, which was followed by “USA” chants from the crowd.

“I had a lot of fun, and it was very entertaining,” freshman television arts major Erin Julius said. “The energy the group had was amazing, and I’m so glad I went.”

Another game included three guys brainstorming everyday acts with the crowd and replacing items normally used in those acts with something random. The fourth member then came back in the room, and the act was performed using the random items with the hope that the other member would decode the message, which he did, ending the show.

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