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Your future nomad house

For some, the travel bug bites hard at all the wrong times. Your early 20s can definitely be the best time to do all the backpacking, road tripping and traveling abroad possible. At the same time, though, there’s the stress of finding a job and establishing yourself in the real world.

Some say we can’t be nomads forever. There’s a new project that says otherwise.

Nomad House is every slightly wary traveler’s dream. In cities across the world, you can rent a room for a month in a Nomad House. The project is in its earliest stage, so only one house in Bali is currently available to rent. Other cities that are currently in the startup stage are London, Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Berlin.

The facilities themselves offer tenants all the necessities a person could need. The month’s $525 rent covers your own room with all the furnishings needed, high-speed Internet and all the bills for the month. Not too bad, if you ask me.

Because this project is open to the public and marketed on the web, your housemates are going to be complete strangers. Think of it as “The Real World” minus the cameras and drama (maybe).

It seems the target inhabitants are of the creative type, whether that means someone who actually creates something or someone who is tired of the nine-to-five routine of life. As stated on their website, Nomad House is looking to “create a community of awesome individuals excited to take on the world. Be they web developers, startup founders, bloggers, financial hackers, drop shippers, freedom philosophers, anti-bosses or renaissance revolutionaries!”

Because Nomad House is operated by reservations, it is unclear whether or not a person can reserve a place to stay for more than one month at a time. This is the kind of project that would be incredibly easy to take advantage of, due to the awesome locations and the low cost of rent.

As with any form of extended travel abroad, there are risks. And while the movie “Hostel” doesn’t help make this sort of communal living look any better, having an actual house to call your own for a month helps ease those worries.

If spending a month in a different city seems like your ultimate dream, check out and reserve your spot.

And hey, send us a postcard while you’re there.

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