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Zombie apocalypse results in zero casualities

On Saturday, Oct. 25, zombies occupied the Markin Recreation Center. The Activities Council of Bradley University hosted the Walking Undead Zombie Laser Tag event.

Participants had one minute to build their shacks before the zombies invaded. Then, they used it to shelter themselves from the zombies trying to tear it down. As more zombies were shot and killed, it was a matter of defending the fort and receiving the quickest time.

Zombie killers walked out of the arena with nametags and their times on it, lasting around 10 minutes on average.

“It was a lot of fun,” freshman biology major Kameron Tony said. “All I have to say is: BOOM. Head shot.”

Strategy also became a factor of the game when it came to choosing your high-tech laser gun. Depending on what one values more (amount of ammunition, severity of shot, etc.) students could choose between a pistol, machine gun, shotgun or assault rifle.

“People don’t realize that we aren’t strictly entertainment,” ACBU’s special events co-coordinator Sojourner White said. “Some of the more random events we often find online such as Madd Matt’s laser tag company.”

The zombies were a combination of Madd Matt’s employees, as well as theater major volunteers. Between the fake blood, shredded clothing and zombie-like walk, they were quite frightening.

ACBU also had music playing, lights flashing and decorations to stimulate the Halloween spirit.

In addition, after you finished a game of laser tag, you had the opportunity to spin the wheel to win an array of prizes ranging from candy to Bo Burnham tickets.

By 7 p.m., about 50 people had already gone through the laser tag. For a Saturday night, the event was relatively successful, according to White.

“I’m glad people seem to be enjoying themselves and saying they’re ready for round two,” ACBU member Christine Gale said.

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