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Bathroom BFF’s

There I was in the middle of the dance floor, peak of the night, music bumping, when the most annoying feeling in the world interrupted my “Bad and Boujee” dance routine – I had to pee.

Not only did this mean that I would have to exit my prime dance floor location, but I would also need to play “push the sweaty drunks out of my way” to get to the bathroom.

Here goes nothing.

I channeled my inner linebacker and made my way to the bathroom.

My hopes were not high when I walked in (well not in but rather toward) the hall behind six other girls in line for the same reason.

Before I stepped in, I heard a shriek: “Your shirt, I love it!”

Confused, I looked around to see who this drunk girl was talking to until she touched my shoulder to confirm she was talking to me.

I thanked her, and she ran along, skipping to the music. I figured the girl was an “everyone is my friend” drunk, but it was a compliment regardless, so you better believe I took it and smiled.

A couple girls were talking outside of one of the stalls, and I noticed one of them was crying. I overheard a pep talk that went something like, “If he’s here with someone else and doesn’t realize how amazing you are, he isn’t worth your time anyways.”

First off, YASSSSS girl *cue snaps.* One more time for the people in the back! Secondly, I thought, “Wow, what a sweet girl, literally wiping her friend’s tears and holding her hand.”

After their pep talk, the girl doing all the preaching gave her friend a hug and walked out of the bathroom, but not before shouting the words, “Nice to meet you.”

What? They didn’t even know each other? I seriously would’ve guessed they were best friends.

Once I finally reached my stall, I realized there was no toilet paper. Ugh, typical bar bathroom. I didn’t want to be “that” person in the bathroom, but I figured since everyone seemed to be all sunshine and rainbows in this magical bathroom anyway, might as well ask.

“Hey, could you by any chance pass me some toilet paper?”

It was kind of weird to ask even though toilet paper is literally something every human uses or at least should be using.

“For sure, I hate it when that happens,” the kind stranger replied as she handed me a wad of paper under the stall. Bless this human. This girl already got me out of a situation that could’ve really sucked, and to top it off, she asked, “Need anything else?”

I told her I was good, but part of me was wondering what else was she offering? Could I have gotten a hair tie or a piece of gum? Still, being someone who didn’t want to take advantage of the sweet, sober soul in the woman’s restroom at a bar, I declined.

While washing my hands in the trough of a sink, I looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of a girl who had spent her night in the middle of the dancefloor; I was fine with being that girl, I just didn’t want to look like that girl.

I sighed and told myself the main part of the bar was dark, and I had already taken my insta-worthy pictures for the night knowing I would end up looking like this.

Despite that, a girl waiting in the bathroom line complimented me on my make-up on my way out, and I immediately looked around for Ashton Kutcher to make an appearance in Peoria for a special edition of “Punk’d.”

I left that bathroom flying high, my inner Beyoncé glowing. No one heightened my confidence more than a bunch of strangers a few drinks deep in a random bathroom. I’m not sure what that says about my self-confidence levels, but it was definitely nice to see girls picking each other up (mentally and physically) when they needed a little boost. We’ve all been there.

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