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Bodak Yellow is berserk, bonkers, blasphemy

Nothing encapsulates the decline of the American culture more than Cardi B becoming the first solo female rap artist to reach number one on Billboard Hot 100 since Lauryn Hills Doo Wop (That Thing), back in 1998.

With her first chart entry, Cardi B went from being an exotic dancer, Instagram-famous, reality TV-star to a well-respected rap artist in a manner of two years. And cheers to her success in a male-dominated industry, but to what degree can you applaud her when she incorporates such dismal lyrics?

It took 19 years to see another female in the number one spot and Lil b*tch, you cant f*ck with me if you wanted to, these expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes is what the music universe provides us with? Bodak Yellow is hardly a positive message, and Cardi B is even less of a person to idolize. Lauryn Hill crooned about avoiding manipulation from potential lovers for that thing, while Cardi B raps I might just feel on your babe, my p**** feel like a lake.

And its more than a little surprising that superior artists such as Missy Elliot or Nicki Minaj didnt beat her to the feat, and even more so that she removed Taylor Swifts Look What You Made Me Do from the spot. However, I still have trouble giving her props.

There have been other rap artists who have topped charts with assistance from others, but considering she riffed off Kodak Blacks No Flockin, thats essentially like having a feature. People inevitably stumbled upon the song while listening to Kodak, and the name of the track itself is all kinds of offensive. When explaining the song title to MTV News, she said I call it Bodak Yellow because Bodak, my name start with a B and yellow because Im a yellow b****.

Sure, the vulgarity and the improper grammar bother me, but not as much as the underlying message. When probed on what her chart-topper is about, she says, talking about money moves, and ya know Im always humble in my music, so I got a little cocky, like nah Ive been real humble sometimes, so I gotta show people right like I can really stunt on your head if you push me there, ya know what Im saying.

In other words, she may be illiterate, but were the real fools for allowing this to happen. Shes self-made, and its all because of the support from some of the worst facets of the media: reality TV-watchers and social media gurus. Now, young females brag about knowing every word and refer to this song as their anthem.

I used to get down to Lil Wayne like its nobodys business, but now I cant help but find our current state of (so-called) art irksome. And while she may be problematic, I cant even blame Cardi B because shes just giving the audience what they want.

And we need to stop permitting this noise to get playtime on the airwaves. Demand more from musicians, because we are currently allowing anyone with a pulse to have a musical career. Im far too young to be complaining about the racket blaring from speakers, but it couldnt get any more horrendous.

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