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Dandy uses for leftover candy

Arguably the best part of Halloween or at least for me is the crazy amount of candy you can collect. The days following the holiday are usually filled with sorting your pile of delicious sweets, eating candies in your own personally ranked order of preference and then feeling terrible from the garbage-bag-full of sugar you just consumed. But come the second week of November, youve grown tired of your chocolate hangover and returned to your normal diet. Before you go throwing out all the leftovers, heres a few ideas on how to get some use out of your stale stash.

1. Try new desserts

Theres a million different dessert recipes out there involving candy. All you have to do is look around online until you find something with the candy you have leftover, and youve got a simple dessert that will definitely taste better than the few-weeks-old candy. Pretzel Rolos, Reeses popcorn the opportunities are endless.

2. Flavor your alcohol

Im sure weve all seen the Tipsy Bartender videos showing viewers how to make cheap booze taste like our favorite Jolly Ranchers. Just grab a few plastic bottles, your favorite fifth of vodka and drop a handful of each flavor of candy in. After a few days, the candies will be fully dissolved and youve made vodka a bit more bearable.

3. Give them out to your friends

If youve got any unresolved issues with your friends, your old candy could be a simple way to get back at them. Hand out some of your candy and watch them struggle to chew your nasty Milk Duds or break their teeth on rockhard Kit-Kats. This may be really silly and petty, but you can still enjoy their brief suffering, you sadist.

4. Use them as building blocks

Fun-size candy bars, especially stale ones, can easily be substituted for Legos. Take various candy bars and relive your childhood a little bit by making a chocolate replica of your old Lego City sets. Just make sure you dont take up too much space at your place and upset your roommate(s).

Give them out to your friends

5. Make stop-action movies

What better way to pay tribute to Halloween movie master Tim Burton than by making a stop-action movie? Just forge your candy into dolls and set pieces, come up with a ridiculous script and start shooting. Just keep in mind that stop-action films usually take spooky amounts of time, painstaking detail and leave a mess in your parents basement.

6. Take a bath and relax

The night of Halloween can obviously be very stressful with lots of walking around and human interaction (gross, right?). However, Im sure theres some weird property in chocolate that could provide benefits to your skin. Take your candy (primarily chocolate) and melt it all down. Pour all of it into a bathtub, light a few pumpkin-spice candles and drop a goth bath-bomb in. You deserve this.

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