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Disconnect to reconnect

Could you go a whole day without checking your phone? Probably not – according to a study by Network World, we spend an average of 225 minutes daily using our cellular devices.

Now try spending zero minutes of your day on your smartphone. Could you truly survive? Yes, you can. Because if I did it, then so can you.

Last weekend during a night out with friends, I realized my phone was missing. My initial reaction was panic – I spent the rest of the night searching high and low for it. The next morning, my friends and I frantically searched all possible places I could have left it. I eventually made the assumption that someone stole my precious iPhone 6, and it almost seemed like the end of the world. But it wasn’t all bad, truly.

There are so many benefits to not being consumed by a phone, and that goes along with social media as well. What I realized during my time without a cell phone, and what I’ll continue to be aware of, has helped me de-stress quite a bit. A few advantages of spending less time on your phone and other devices include:

Paying more attention in class

Taking notes in an actual notebook instead of a laptop with your Facebook tab open can be so much more productive.


Better interpersonal skills

If you spend too much time staring at a screen instead of talking to others, your conversational skills tend to suffer (this is scientifically proven by a study conducted by Elon University).


More free time

Those 225 minutes could be put toward so many productive activities. Find a hobby – whether it’s reading, exercising, drawing, cooking or just going out for a walk – and spend some time on it. You’ll find happiness in spending your time wisely.


Increased self-esteem

Let’s be honest, scrolling through your Instagram feed and seeing a bunch of selfies by models and celebs or watching Snapchats of people hanging out with friends on Saturday night while you’re in bed can make you feel pretty awful. By spending less time looking at other’s lives and comparing yours to theirs, you’re likely to feel less insecure.


So try walking to class without burying your face in your handheld device. Look up, see the world and appreciate the real things in life – you just might enjoy it.

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