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‘DartY’ Dos & Don’ts

75 degrees and sunny. Music blasting. Roof tanning. You look around and see several groups of jerseys, fanny packs and bucket hats. It’s Saturday, and the darty is just getting started.

Ah, darty season. The sweet time of year where college kids come out of hibernation and relish the sweet satisfaction that is the day party.

If you’re someone who enjoys socializing outside in a more casual setting, the darty was created for you. Bars and clubs at night are so “been there, done that,” and your parents always urged you to spend more time outside, right? At a darty, you can catch some rays, enjoy the spring weather and experience the weekend the way the creator of the beer bong intended.


Here are some Dos and Don’ts on surviving darty season:

DO – Dress like an idiot. If you have a T-shirt with Bob Ross’s face on it or a snapback with a slice of pizza on it, now is the time to rock that sh*t. Seriously, go all out, because darties are a judgment-free zone.

DON’T – Wear anything you care about. You’re literally going to be standing around in someone’s backyard in the dirt and grass, so leave your Yeezys at home. Also, because this is a day event, you’ll have to think about the weather and how it could impact your fashion choices. White crop top + boob sweat = problems.

DO – Make sure you’re drinking things that aren’t just alcohol. If it’s hot outside, dehydration can be your worst enemy. Mix in a water bottle between every few drinks and move to the shade if you’re overheating. You don’t want to pass out you’re in this for the long haul.

DON’T – Skip breakfast. Seriously carb-o-load like you’ve never carb-o-loaded before. You’re probably eager to get to the first house and start your day party extravaganza, but skipping breakfast will be a quick regret when you’re on the ground head-first in the toilet of a stranger’s bathroom.

DO – Prepare with a decent night’s sleep before you plan to darty. This doesn’t mean you need to be in bed by 10 and lights out by 11, just don’t get hammered the night before. Being drunk in the morning from a darty is fun. Being drunk in the morning from the previous night is not.

Lastly, darty hop! If it’s a nice day and one house is hosting a day party, chances are plenty of other houses are as well. Grab a group of friends, and take advantage of the years where partying all day is encouraged.

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