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Fratsism: an epidemic sweeping campuses nationwide

With real world problems, (please reference my other article, The end is near) its easy to forget about the issues college students face on a day-to-day basis. Now two weeks post-Anadexus, the blatant fratsism on Bradley’s campus is visible more than ever.

According to Lisa’s dictionary, an unofficial sister site to Urban Dictionary, a fratsist is someone who judges a person based solely on their fraternal relations without any consideration for the human behind the letters.

When rush crushes join other houses and dirty rush parties falter, the fratsism comes out in the best of us, and its especially evident among the Greek community. All it takes is a visit to the Hilltopmadness snapchat story for copious amounts of evidence. Nobody gets their gossip on quite like a frat dude.

Stay tuned for next weeks dissemination of fraternity lingo with fratern-a-sis, which is the act of a fraternity brother returning a shambly girl to her specified sorority home.

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