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#FreeKesha: A Pop Artist’s Fight for Freedom

In a startling legal battle between Kesha and her producer Dr. Luke, the pop artist found herself bound to a contract with Kemosabe Records and its parent company, Sony Music, after a New York Supreme Court ruling.

Kesha initially filed the civil suit in 2014, alleging that her producer Dr. Luke drugged, emotionally abused and sexually assaulted her. Two years later, the horrific situation is more prominent in the media than ever before.

The details of the case are confusing due to Kesha’s contradictory statements. TMZ recently released a video of Kesha’s deposition from 2011, where she denies what she’s claiming now, stating, “Dr. Luke never made sexual advances at me.”

So, where does the truth lie?

Perhaps it isn’t a matter of truth, but rather, timing, and finding the strength to speak up after months of rehab. In Kesha’s filed complaint, she claims “[Dr. Luke] threatened that if she ever mentioned the rape to anyone, he would shut her career down and otherwise destroy not only her life, but her entire family’s lives as well.”

Dr. Luke has denied all of the charges via Twitter, claiming Kesha was “like my little sister.” Disturbing, right?

Fans and supporters have come together for the star in turmoil, creating the hashtag #FreeKesha to garner support and bring awareness to the situation on social media.

Some celebrities have joined in on the conversation, as well, including Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Adele and Ariana Grande. Music producers Zedd and Jack Antonoff even chimed in, offering to make new music with her if she’d like.

Fellow pop star Taylor Swift donated $250,000 to help “with any of her financial needs during this trying time.” Demi Lovato frowned upon this gesture, suggesting that Taylor is taking the easy way out through monetary value rather than starting a healthy dialogue on the subject.

Lovato’s Twitter essay on female empowerment is one of the greatest takeaway from this situation. It brings to light the reality of how few incentives there are for assaulted women to come forward in our current judicial system. Not only do they need to relive their trauma, but they are judged on whether or not their nightmare was a reality.

Luckily, support is abundant throughout social media and the music industry. In retrospect, it’s awful knowing what Kesha was going through when she cancelled her show at Bradley.

According to Billboard, if both parties don’t settle the suit, best case scenario, Kesha and Dr. Luke will be ready for trial by Feb. 28, 2017.

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