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He’s All That: Getting to know Nick Cannon

A triple threat is someone in a particular field who exhibits three specific skills necessary to excel in a particular field, and Nick Cannon might be one of the most well-known triple threats in the entertainment industry today.

He is someone who has thrived not just in acting, but also in stand-up comedy, music producing and hosting several television shows, and Bradley was fortunate enough to experience his talent first hand last night.

But Cannon wasn’t handed this fame; he worked for it. It is always interesting to see how people find success in what seems to be a challenging industry to thrive in, and his story is no exception.

Cannon was born in 1980 in San Diego, California, but he lived in North Carolina with his father for most of his childhood. He was raised in a family where he had no access to television or radio, which led him to find his own means of entertaining himself: performing.

When Cannon was younger, he was known as the class clown. He loved entertaining and began taking his career seriously at the age of eight when he performed on his father’s public access television show.

Soon, Cannon realized his love for music and comedy was his calling and took it to the road. When he was still in high school, he decided he wanted to use his ability to make people laugh as an entertainment act. Cannon began performing at local comedy clubs throughout California until he made his big break with Nickelodeon. Cannon was soon put in touch with Nickelodeon agents, and he quickly became a part of the 90s show “All That.”

But Cannon’s success didn’t end with Nickelodeon. He soon found himself in the hosting industry with “America’s Got Talent” and the MTV comedy show “Wild ‘N Out,” as well as in film with my personal favorite, “Drumline.”

Despite his fame and time in the spotlight, Nick Cannon remains one of the most grounded people in Hollywood. After his divorce with ex-wife Mariah Carey, Cannon moved out to New Jersey with his children hoping to get them away from the Hollywood drama.

Cannon now spends his time traveling, doing stand-up as well as using his influence in the world to make a difference. He created the “Nick Cannon Youth Foundation,” which was built to inspire young people to reach their life goals and to influence the youth of America to strive for a better future.

Regardless of the recent success, I will forever thank a young Nick Cannon for his glory days on Nickelodeon. “All That” was a part of so many of our childhoods, and I have him, alongside the rest of the cast, to thank for all the laughs. What a treat it was to have relived the laughs with him again last night.

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