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HQ Trivia: Not a scam

Vine may be dead, but the co-founders were busy making a live trivia app, “HQ.” Each trivia game – two per day during the weekdays, and one during the weekends – provides players with a chance to earn real cash money.

There’s no denying the popularity of game shows, as made clear by the sheer number of them consuming primetime television spots for decades. I’m sure at some point you’ve said to yourself while playing along, “Darn, I wish I could play this for real, I’d be rich.”

Some fella named Scott Rogowsky hosts HQ, and this real-time, game show requiring game player participation perfectly exemplifies the age of smartphones. Here’s the proof.

Entertainment factor. Scott spews culturally relevant jokes in between questions, making players feel as if they have a special connection with the host. With some funny inside jokes to keep you occupied, a poppy intro and flashy graphics, what’s not to love? As a matter of fact, the first time I tuned in to play, he even made a reference to Peoria.

The speed. There are 12 questions, it takes 10 seconds to answer each question and no show lasts longer than 15 minutes in total. The time commitment to play is minimal, and HQ requires little to no patience.

Push notifications. As it is, we are constantly interrupted by notifications from our phones, yanking us from our surroundings. Without this feature, I highly doubt the number of players would be as plentiful, as we now require anything of significance to be directly sent to us, fully expecting these distractions.

Useless facts. In a world of “now this” news, fully developed stories are hard to come by. Often we get flashes of information and if we feel like it, use our own context clues to piece it together. Due to this, many consider the people who can spit out random facts geniuses, when in reality, they may be incapable of higher caliber activities required of intelligent people

Money grab. A typical game features $1K on the line, however, there’s never been only one winner, meaning the pot always gets split. Currently, the all-time highest winner has racked in $560. Money drives this world whether we like it or not, and the possibility of dough with minimal effort is even more enticing.

The comments feature. For whatever reason, people find it extremely cool to see their name on the screen of a group forum. The inventers of HQ were certainly aware of this, because the live stream of comments before and during gameplay is nothing more than a distraction. Be careful though, because I’ve seen quite a few people kicked out from the game for vulgarity.

HQ may be the future of gaming, because it’s reflective of society’s needs. Now you can participate in games and actually be rewarded for it. Hit me up with an extra life by using my referral code lisa st3m.

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